University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources & Planning Committee


Strategic Positioning Task Force


December 13, 2005



Members Present:         Andy Lopez, Maddy Maxeiner, Lowell Rasmussen, Tim Lindberg,

                                               Jim Carlson, Sarah Mattson, Sara Haugen, Pete Wyckoff, Tim Soderberg,

                                               Sharon VanEps, Pareena Lawrence, Theresa Wivinus, Bryan Herrmann


Guests:                               Pam Solvie, Fritz Schwaller





Fritz Schwaller reported he has talked with the Consultative Committee on two issues.  Two years ago, the Budget Task Force recommended eliminating a position in Continuing Education.  Since then, Tom McRoberts has been acting as Interim Director of Continuing Education and Director of International Programs.  McRoberts has over 30 years experience, extensive knowledge and many contacts.   Given all those, Schwaller believes we could not find anyone better than McRoberts.  Rather than doing a national search, Schwaller, along with the agreement of the Consultative Committee, would simply prefer to appoint McRoberts as Director of Continuing Education.  Jim Carlson made a motion to appoint McRoberts, second by Pareena Lawrence.  Motion carries.


The second issue was to hire a replacement for Registrar to fill the position vacated by Ruth Thielke.  The plan is to hire someone who will have more administrative responsibility in the student services.  Schwaller welcomes and appreciates input from the committee and hopes to come back and present an organizational structure that makes sense.


Strategic Positioning Task Force


Lopez distributed a draft of the preliminary report written by Pareena Lawrence, Dan Moore, Bryan Herrmann and himself.  He added that they wanted a relatively short document.  Anne CarrollŐs report will be included as an appendix.   Several editorial changes were suggested.   It was decided that Capital Requests would be added as a bullet under the plan for final stages of process.   Lopez said he would submit the document in the next few days. 


Agenda for spring semester meetings


Capital Requests (HFA Phase III, Education building)

Budget update from Gary Strei

Enrollment update from James Morales

Determine the cause of staffing differences


Adjourned at 9:00 a.m.