University of Minnesota, Morris

CRPC/Strategic Positioning Task Force


January 25, 2006


Members Present:         Andy Lopez, Arne Kildegaard, Tim Lindberg, Bryan Herrmann, Sara Haugen, Tim Soderberg, Lowell Rasmussen, Sarah Mattson, Jim Carlson, LeAnn Dean, Sharon Van Eps, Dan Moore


Guests:                               Sam Schuman, Mark Fohl, Pam Solvie, Gary Strei and Sandy Olson-Loy



In these minutes:  Update from Sam Schuman and MenÕs Soccer




Andy had everyone at the meeting introduce themselves and said that the schedule for the meetings will be once a week on Mondays at 2:15 and Wednesdays at 3:30 in the Moccasin Flower Room.  A schedule had been sent to everyone via email.


Update from Sam Schuman:


Sam gave an update on two areas of great importance to UMM 1) international programs and 2) energy self-efficiency. 


International Programs - UMM needs to do everything we can to strengthen our international programs.  Most of our international emphasis has focused on Western Europe.  Schuman would also like to see us work very hard to strengthen our programs with Brazil, India and China.  We were off to a good start with Brazil a couple of years ago when our music program traveled over there, but he would like to see that connection strengthened.  India has been off the radar screen, but that country is clearly changing very rapidly.  We need to look more carefully to build relations with India.   China has a particular focus for Schuman.  We have accords with three Chinese universities:  2 in Beijing and 1 in Shanghai.  We have begun a series of summer exchanges and have created a Sister City relationship with Morris and Jiashan.  This spring, a delegation from UMM and the City of Morris, including Mayor Wilcox, are going to China to build the link between our city and region.  He believes this is a very important step in our life as a college.


Energy Self-Efficiency – The wind turbine is up and running and supplying half of the electricity the campus uses.  The bio-mass project is coming along and construction should be starting this summer.  UMM is partnering with the city of Morris and a number of businesses to look at other sources of energy.  UMM wants to have the wind turbine(s) able to produce 100% of the campus electric needs.  WC Research & Outreach Center is working on adding two more wind turbines and to create a way to store hydrogen to generate electricity when there is no wind and also to power UMM vehicles.   Ideally UMM would be self-sufficient for all its energy.


A more ambitious project would be to build a wind farm outside the campus and sell electricity to the Twin Cities campus.  Federal dollars could be a resource with which to build the wind farm.  UMM could become a research and educational resource for energy; a small rural community learning ways to become their own producers of energy and building strong ties.


The two trends complement each other 1) reaching further around the world with the international programs and 2) becoming more energy self-sufficient.


Update on Capital Requests:


Sam referred everyone to handout #1 2006-1020 Capital Planning.  Sam stated that the governor and legislature had cut the budget request in half for UM.  Briggs Library renovation had been rejected.  The campus is still included in the HEAPR funding although not known at this time to what extent.



Jim Carlson had concerns on the Pre-design for HFA.  He added that since 1972 this project has always been pushed back.  HFA does not have the proper facilities.  He is confident this will not be done before he retires of even before he dies.  There are multiple events that need more and updated space. Lowell did point out that HFA is scheduled for stage renovation in 2010; Jim asked which stage and Lowell thought it was the cinema stage.  The Pre-design will be 6-8% of the total building cost.  The target date for the HFA Pre-design is 2008.


LeAnn Dean wanted to know if the revenues from the wind farm (or other means) would allow for dollars for the library updates.  Sam stated the wind far plan is not 100% certain.  LeAnn then wondered if fund-raising for the library would be a possibility.  The library is not as easy go get funds for as getting contributions for scholarships.  UMM would need to look hard at donor prospects and then identify the funding sources.


Lowell Rasmussen referred to handout #2 UMMÕS Sustainable Scholarship Program.  The main focus of the handout is the Project Overview.  The CREB bond request must sent in on April 6, 2006.  CREB bond requires 10% funding from another source.  Lowell said there have been discussion with a Native American tribe and there is an interest.  UMM would ask for 20 million in CREB financing with 2 million from other sources (Ottertail, Runestone, etc.).  This project would supply power for 20 years; dollars from these revenues could be used for scholarships.


Sandy Olson-Loy handed out a Recommendation to Add Sponsorship of MenÕs Soccer.  UMM is the only college in the conference that does not have menÕs soccer (UMM received a waiver to join the conference).  Administration is supportive of this addition.  Sandy noted that some men do not even consider UMM because there is no menÕs soccer.  This addition could be paired with the womenÕs soccer so the cost could be shared.  Sandy estimated that six student recruits would cover the cost.


Dan Moore had a question regarding if this would impact Title 9.   Sandy said this would not affect the Title 9 gender equity.  


Mark Fohl said UMM was working to increase the number of women participants as well as men in UMM sports.  Last year there were not enough men for track & field.  In 2010 sports requirements will change from five to six and there must be a specific number of athletes for a sport.  Arne Kildegaard made a motion to endorse the addition of menÕs soccer.  Dan Moore seconded the motion.  A vote was taken and the motion passed in favor.


Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.