University of Minnesota, Morris

CRPC/Strategic Positioning Task Force


January 30, 2006


Members Present:         Andy Lopez, Dan Moore, Tim Lindberg, Bryan Herrmann,

Pareena Lawrence, Lowell Rasmussen, Sara Haugen,

LeAnn Dean, Tim Soderberg, Sharon Van Eps, Maddy Maxeiner


Guests:                               Dean Schwaller and Sandy Olson-Loy


In these minutes:           Reorganization of Academic Student Services and development of Academic Enhancement Program and the next steps for the Strategic Positioning Task Force



Andy started the meeting by saying that the minutes from Fall 2005 semester meetings are being reviewed and would be copied to the members in the next few days.


Dean Schwaller discussed the re-organization of academic community services ideas.  He would like approval from the CPRC to combine the Registrar position with an Academic Student Services position.  He stated that one-fourth to one-third of schools have an organization similar to this.  There would be no further financial implications as funds are available from the previous position.  Once this re-organization is approved by the CPRC the search for this position could be started.  Dan Moore was concerned with the acronym regarding Academic Student Services and suggested changing the title to Student Academic Services. 


Dean Schwaller stated the idea of an office of Academic Enhancement was still tentative.  The three areas concerned are:  study abroad; institutional support of national student exchange and national scholarships.  UMM needs to let students know what opportunities are available; what CIP does now (Center for International Programs).  This new office would make information easier and more informative for students.  The Honors side would see very little change.  At first the Dean would like to see an faculty member head of this office (possibly a year).  Andy felt the Academic Enhancement Program would need to be defined in more detail.  Dean Schwaller will put specifics together and bring back to the CPRC.


Pareena Lawrence made a motion to approve the Registrar/Student Academic Services position.  Bryan seconded the motion.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.


Strategic Positioning Task Force


Andy asked what the task force wanted to do for the next steps.  Pareena stated that everyone needs to come together for these meetings.  At every meeting one or two people are not in attendance.  She felt that it is important to have continuity.  Andy went over the schedule and time slots that the task force members had sent.  Pareena thought the meetings could be longer.  Andy stated that going later could have an affect on having a support staff person available.  Sharon Van Eps thought it would be a good idea to have a subcommittee that this could possibly save time.  The subcommittee could do a repot on the focus questions and each task force member could read the report on his/her own.  It was decided that there would be two meetings a week – on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Anyone who could make it this Wednesday (February 1 starting at 3:30) would be considered a subcommittee to come up with critical questions to ask various offices where they see UMM in ten years.


Some of the people to bring in and topics to discuss regarding UMMÕs role in ten years were: enrollment – James Morales; fund development & financial aspects– Maddy; external relations – Christine Mahoney; capital projects, wind farm, Phase III – Lowell Rasmussen; academic enhancement program – Dean Schwaller; residential life changes; international opportunities – Tom McRoberts; future of student activities on campus; reserves & tracking reserves – Gary Strei; employment trends and funding sources; budget model; diversity issues and how to make this a priority


It was thought that some of this items could be grouped together (i.e., fund development & external relations, etc.). 


The task force needs to think about three areas:


1.                  Students

2.                  Money

3.                  Staff


How do these all fit together? 


Another key issue was a meeting that was to have taken place between Nancy, Sarah and Peter Wyckoff.  Did this meeting every happen and what was the outcome? 


The conclusion of the meeting was:  anyone who can make it Wednesday (Feb. 1) would be considered the subcommittee to come up with questions to ask and who to ask these questions to; there will be two meetings every week (Mondays and Wednesdays); have Anne Carroll send her report (she was working on before the winter break); find out the results of the meeting between Nancy and Sarah (some one else but I didnÕt get the name).


The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.