University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


April 26, 2006



Members Present:         LeAnn Dean, Tim Soderberg, Pareena Lawrence, Andy Lopez,

                                               Bryan Herrmann, Michelle Handlin, Maddy Maxeiner,

                                               Lowell Rasmussen, Jim Carlson, Dan Moore, Arne Kildegaard,

                                               Pete Wyckoff


Guests:                               Sam Schuman




New walking/bike path


Lowell Rasmussen distributed a diagram of the proposed new walking/bike path from UMM to WCROC.  He plans to meet with a citizens group next week and is seeking the endorsement of this committee to proceed.  The funding source would come from security parking fee reserves and Plant Services.   Arne Kildegaard made a motion to support the proposed plan.  Second by Tim Soderberg.  Motion passes.


Capital Campaign


Maddy Maxeiner gave a presentation on the next Capital Campaign which we need to be ready for by June 2008.  During the last Campaign, UMM raised 9.6 million dollars.   Maxeiner is hoping CRPC will help lay the groundwork for the next Campaign and added that next year we will need to get serious about how to proceed.  One important step will be to attach dollar amounts to priorities. 


Minutes from 9/12/05, 11/1/05, 12/13/05, 1/25/06, 1/30/06 and 4/10/06 were approved with minor corrections.


Upcoming meetings and agenda items


CRPC will meet Monday, May 1 at 2:15.   Agenda items will include:  1) Location of the Labyrinth; and 2) Update on the Football field and Biomass plant.


At the Wednesday, May 3, 3:30 meeting, agenda items will include:  1) A report from Christine Mahoney about her accomplishments during her first year and projects underway to improve UMMÕs visibility; and 2) An update from James Morales on retention, new student enrollment and new projects.


Adjourned at 4:45 p.m.