University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee/Strategic Positioning Task Force


August 24, 2006




Members Present:       Andy Lopez, Jonathan Bringewatt, Pete Wyckoff, Bryan Herrmann,

                                    Maddy Maxeiner, LeAnn Dean, Roger Wareham, Ken Hodgson,

                                    Pareena Lawrence, Arne Kildegaard


Guests:                                    Pam Solvie



(In these minutes: discussion regarding Robert Jones response to the UMM Strategic Positioning Draft Task Force Report)


Andy Lopez reported that there were a number of issues raised about the strategic plan that were discussed extensively last year and intentionally left vague. Robert Jones memo asks for initial thoughts to be submitted by September 15 for the Board of Regents report and a complete draft by November 1 for the University’s system report. Andy asked task force members to think about how we use all the information received to date to arrive at a reasonable response by September 15 and what other information do we need to arrive at an inclusive, fair, well-supported and well-articulated response by November 1. Pareena Lawrence said we need some type of forum and we need to include everyone on campus. Pete Wyckoff expressed concern about the concept of an honors college and wondered if that is more viable than liberal arts. He also believes we need buy in from the campus and our new chancellor. He believes we should start with her initial ideas and priorities. Andy added that Jacquie also wants to know our priorities. Roger Wareham suggested that we should start with what they are asking us to do, perhaps pulling out 3-5 items as examples. Members of the task force suggested some of the following initiatives: push Study Abroad, adding green majors, push fundraising for scholarships, modernize residence halls; improve retention; focus on leadership programs/civic engagement, service learning, Center for Small Towns, and address enrollment. Because of the need to move quickly, it was suggested that both James Morales and Maddy Maxeiner present information at the next meeting.