University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee/Strategic Positioning Task Force


August 31, 2006




Members Present:       Cassie McMahon, Arne Kildegaard, Sharon VanEps, LeAnn Dean,

                                    Pareena Lawrence, Sara Haugen, Maddy Maxeiner, Dan Moore,

                                    Lowell Ramussen, Jonathan Bringewatt, Andy Lopez, Ken Hodgson,

                                    Bryan Herrmann


Guests:                                    Pam Solvie, Jacquie Johnson, James Morales, Sandy Olson-Loy



(In these minutes: Update from James Morales, Update from Maddy Maxeiner, next steps for SPTF)


Enrollment Update


James Morales was happy to report that he comes bearing very good news regarding enrollment. As of 8/30/06 our enrollment is at 1747 (compared to 1672 last year). He added that this has taken a lot of work to make this happen and thanked everyone for their help. This sets the stage for future growth and we have to keep the momentum moving up. Other numbers include: 381 NHS (358 last year), 105 transfers (56 last year), 41 PSEO (27 last year), 50 GenEdWeb (33 last year) and 93 non-degree seeking (84 last year). Jacquie Johnson thanked James for his excellent leadership.


Major Gifts Officer


Maddy Maxeiner distributed a position description and timeline for search process for a new majors gifts officer. She has spoken with the vice chancellors and division chairs and is scheduled to meet with the Consultative Committee soon. She is looking for support from this group and welcomes any input as the search moves forward. Dan Moore made a motion to support the proposal that reaffirms our priorities to move ahead with this position. Second by Ken Hodgson. Motion passes.


Next steps


Andy stated that last year a subcommittee consisting of Pareena, Dan, Bryan, Sharon, and Andy worked on the draft document. If the full committee was comfortable with them working on the next steps, they will, however, if other members want to be involved, they are more than welcome. Jacquie believes itÕs important that the document come from all of us and sheÕs happy to be involved in anyway she can. She also suggested that we parcel out some of the questions to various vice chancellors. Additionally, she believes we should think about how we prioritize and strategize for the next step and that she should attempt to condense the information that will be submitted to the Regents. Dan Moore said he was not nervous about getting all the specific details in by September 15. Andy added that we need to think about monetary implications and we need to get our act together very smoothly. The longer document needs to blend with the original document that integrates the feedback from Robert Jones and the campus community. He asked if the task force wants to hold a forum to discuss the question of honors college. Jacquie added that we do have a document from President Bruininks where that language (honors) has been used to describe us. She believes we need to have conversation with the campus community about this. She would also like the task force to think about the role of Campus Assembly in relation to the strategic plan. Pareena added that people are expecting that the Assembly will adopt this and believes we need endorsement from campus governance. It was agreed that the subcommittee will meet with the assembly committees as well as the Executive Committee and MCSA. An additional Campus Assembly meeting will be scheduled at the end of October to approve or disapprove of the strategic plan.