University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee/Strategic Positioning Task Force


September 21, 2006




Members Present:       Andy Lopez, Cassie McMahon, Pete Wyckoff, LeAnn Dean,

                                    Sara Haugen, Lowell Rasmussen, Roger Wareham, Joe Basel,

                                    Arne Kildegaard, Bryan Herrmann, Dan Moore, Pareena Lawrence,

                                    Sharon VanEps, Ken Hodgson


Guests:                                    Pam Solvie, Henry Fulda, TJ Ross, Gary Strei, Sandy Olson-Loy



(In these minutes: Capital Requests and Budget)


Capital Requests


Lowell distributed materials regarding UMM 2008, 2010 and 2012 capital requests. He noted that last year President Bruininks pulled the Library out of the plan and for the first time in many years, UMM had nothing on the bonding bill. The expectation is that we will be rewarded for this sometime down the road. The 2008 request will include the renovation of Blakely Hall, Food Service, and Community Services. We also need to improve the infrastructure for some of our summer programs. The food service design has changed from when it was originally built. It is currently twice the size it needs to be. The actual construction costs for the Library are higher if we do floor by floor. He recommends moving the Library to a temporary location, perhaps the lower level of Food Service during the Library renovation. Dan Moore made a motion to endorse the requests in principle and to move ahead with the planning process. Second by Bryan Herrmann. Arne asked who will occupy Community Services. Andy said External Relations and Admissions. Lowell added that floor plan for the current occupants is very inefficient. A pre-design will be brought back to this committee. Andy noted that we are simply authorizing Lowell to submit the requests. Arne said he is not clear about the Community Service renovation. Pete added that there has not been adequate discussion and he would abstain. Andy asked members to vote. Motion passes (there were several abstentions).




Andy read an e-mail he received from Gary Strei about the current budget situation.