University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee/Strategic Positioning Task Force


October 12, 2006


Members Present:       Sharon VanEps, Sarah Mattson, LeAnn Dean, Andy Lopez,

Arne Kildegaard, Sara Haugen, Pete Wyckoff, Pareena Lawrence,

Maddy Maxeiner, Jonathan Bringewatt, Ken Hodgson, Joe Basel,

Bryan Herrmann


Guests:                        Pam Solvie, Judy Kuechle, Sandy Olson-Loy


(In these minutes:  Continued discussion of budget)




A five year comparison of sources of revenue is not yet complete.   Judy Kuechle gave an update of faculty positions.  There are currently 13 requests for tenure positions in two divisions for next year:  Two in political science, two in psychology, four in English, one in French, one in German, two in music and one in speech.   Everything has been done to have open discussions with the division chairs and disciplines.  Judy, with the help of the division chairs, put together a request template, on which divisions are required to state their case.  The division chairs read all of the justifications.  Judy has met individually with the division chairs and is working with Jacquie and Gary regarding the status of student credit hours; number of majors and number of graduates, as well as the ratio of student to faculty compared to other campuses.  $585K is requested for 13 positions.  The dollars just arenŐt there.  Six of the 13 requests have been approved at this time:  Two in English, one in French, one in music, one in political science and one in psychology.   The other requests will have to wait until program reviews come in to look at the whole picture.  Ken commented that it does not seem fair that if a person leaves or retires the position is potentially lost and may not to be replaced.  Arne asked if UMM is required to come up with a certain dollar amount.  Jacquie stated that UMM is the only campus whose enrollment has gone up.  Pete stated that contact hours may be a concern in lab science; Michael Korth has a workload formula.  Judy said there will be a formula for that.


Campus Assembly Resolution


There will soon be a final draft.  Pareena said she thought we need a little more background and more clarification.  Maddy suggested the report focus on the ups and downs of honor college issues.  She added that the positive points need to be stated first.  Strengths are positive to the external world.  Sara Haugen said we need to focus on the excellent opportunities and academic enrichment an honor college offers.


The committee will work on a new version of the March 31, 2006 document and blend that in with the September 15, 2006 response from VP Jones, resulting in the next draft. 


Minutes prepared by Adele Raymond.