University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resource and Planning Committee/Strategic Planning Committee


October 26, 2006


Present:           Andy Lopez, Casey McMahon, Bryan Herrmann, Sara Haugen,

                        Sharon VanEps, Pete Wyckoff, Arne Kildegaard, Pareena Lawrence,

                        Maddy Maxeiner, Ken Hodgson, LeAnn Dean


Absent:           Lowell Rasmussen, Dan Moore, Joe Basel, Sarah Mattson,

                        Jonathan Bringewatt


Guests:                        Jacquie Johnson, Gary Strei, Sandy Olson-Loy


(In these minutes:  Continued discussion of budget)


Andy started with two announcements:  1) the November 2nd meeting will be in the Prairie Lounge, and 2) he has minutes from the last two meetings he will review and send to the committee.




Gary distributed hand-outs regarding the budget, specifically staffing comparisons.   The first handout was comparison by department with information from 1992/1993 compared with 2002/2003 data as well as information for 2005/2006; the second handout broke out academic, civil service and bargaining unit staff for 2000/2001 and 2005/2006; two handouts with information in a five year summary (2001/2006) for occupational classifications and functional classifications; a handout with academic teaching faculty by line item and FTE; and finally a handout from the UM Office of Institutional Research.  There were a couple comments made about the staffing of academic teaching not being correct with the number currently teaching in a division/discipline.  Gary said he had a sheet he would send to the committee to show how he arrived at the numbers that are on the handout.  It was agreed that Gary would send the document he used for this information to the committee members.


Arne wanted an explanation for the reason for academic affairs increase.  Gary said the increase, in part, is due to continuing education staff moved to academic affairs, as well as when staff teach continuing education summer sessions.  Bryan pointed out these numbers could also be higher when the registrars office was moved to academic affairs.  Pareena asked if a faculty teaches classes and then teach continuing education are they counted as more than one staff person.  Gary explained staffing is based on percentage of time teaching and not body count.  Jacquie said anyone who is less than .25 is not counted.  These numbers are helpful but the committee needs to know how the numbers are determined.  Andy suggested Nancy Helsper be asked to come to the next meeting and explain how the numbers are computed.  Gary reiterated that the numbers he has on the handouts is for comparative purposes only and specific questions should be directed to Nancy.  He said the information he had gotten was taken from the Institutional Data Book and this information was available on the web.  He said the reports produced by the U of M are incompatible with UMM information.  Nancy checked into this and TC takes a ŇsnapshotÓ of a particular time and does not capture true data.  Our data book information is much more accurate.  Ken said it would be good to know the number of students in a given year on the Academic Teaching Faculty Line Item form.  Gary said he would be able to do this.  Andy wanted to know why, on the information from the UM Office of Institutional Research, the P&A staff would have increased from 35 to 41.  Pete wondered if this was due to some P&A staff that had departed UMM but were still on the payroll; Maddy indicated there were some additional administrator staff and Sandy said that some of the continuing education people were reclassified from civil service to professional/administrative due to reclassification of job duties.  Arne said the trends were interesting but he would like to see dollar amounts also.  Gary said he would do this.  Arne would also like to see dollar amounts by division and staff also.  Pete asked what the process is for a coherent budget plan.  It seems like the budget is filled in the same from year to year.  How does UMM plan on doing a budget and what is the process?  Will the CRPC be a part of the budget planning?  Jacquie said she felt this was an important question and to what extent should CRPC play in budget preparation.  She said the program reviews will help decide how to manage the budget and there would not be a separate committee/group to work on the budget.  It will be the role of CRPC to look at the numbers and ask question and help her with program reviews.  Her responsibility will be to bring recommendations to the CRPC and have the committee look over her recommendations and make comments.  Jacquie said the Board of Regents is looking at the information the U of M has on their web site.  UMM needs to pay attention to what is on the U of M web site and to respond to discrepancies.  Many things will be decided on the program reviews; if enrollment declines programs will need to decline also.  Feedback and consent will need to come from the CRPC.  Andy said the committee will need more lead time; CRPC wants to be involved early on in the program review discussion.  Jacquie said the timeline is very crunched for the program reviews.  A committee member asked when the budget worksheets come out.  Gary said the budget worksheets come out in early April and he needs them back by early May.  The committee has a couple of months to get budget ideas to Jacquie.  Maddy stated that in a meeting she was at yesterday perhaps the U of M doesnŐt have data for an institute of UMM size and this would be useful to have.  Arne said this information could be useful to take to TC. 




Gary will send out the final information regarding budget and the specific requests made in this meeting.  The CRPC will meet next Thursday in the Prairie Lounge at the same time.


Minutes prepared by Adele Raymond