University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resource and Planning Committee/Strategic Planning Committee


November 2, 2006


Present:           Andy Lopez, Bryan Herrmann, LeAnn Dean, Sharon Van Eps,

Sara Haugen, Maddy Maxeiner, Cassie McMahon, Arne Kildegaard,

Ken Hodgson, Pete Wyckoff, Pareena Lawrence, Sarah Mattson,

John Bringewatt, Lowell Rasmussen


Absent:           Dan Moore, Joe Basel


Guests:                        Jacquie Johnson, Pam Solvie, Sandy Olson-Loy


(In these minutes:  Report from all committee chairs meeting, outline from writing subcommittee, and draft preliminary proposals for funding for strategic initiatives)


Andy started with a few announcements: 


1) Nancy Helsper was not able to attend today but will attend next week.  Andy asked the committee if they had specific questions for Nancy so she could come prepared to next weekÕs meeting.  Bryan asked if Nancy would be able to verify the information that Gary e-mailed out (the spreadsheet) is comparable to the information the TC puts out; Maddy wanted to know if Nancy could explain/clarify the information the TC has on the institutional website that was put out the second week in October;


2) Last Monday Andy and Dan Moore attended the all committee chairs meeting.  They want to make certain that committees are not duplicating work.  LeAnn said the Technology Committee has talked about a technology plan.  LeAnn explained that her committee has been examining, broadly, anything that has to do with technology on campus.  They will draft a report and submit it to the CRPC.  Lowell said there will be a technology master process.  Andy reiterated that all the committees need to come together with their efforts.  Pareena stated the First Year Experience committee has only met twice; this committee is looking at what other institutions are doing and will submit a report to the CRPC when the report is completed; and


3) The committee should have received the SPTF outline from the subcommittee and hopefully everyone received the outline.  Andy wanted the committee to know this outline will be in a final and consistent format. 


Jacquie handed out a draft of preliminary proposals for funding for strategic initiatives.  She said the Twin Cities has four categories for the organizing structure and UMM needs to fit into the four categories.  This will help the Board of Regents and the legislature when it comes to making determinations.  Andy said the committee needs to make sure all the UMM initiatives are in the document and outline.   He went over JacquieÕs draft.  Jacquie said this document needs to have a lot of thought put into it.  Pete asked if the items in the draft are ranked by priority.  Jacquie said these are not ranked and need to be prioritized yet.  The budget presentation must be three sources from where money will come.  These are tuition increase, additional dollars from the state, and internal re-allocation.  The committee went over the draft document and made recommendations to change the titles on I, II and III, as well as re-title IV.  Pareena said to change the First Year Seminar to First Year Experience.  Pete had a question on the figures for curriculum (under I); Jacquie advised the committee not to get hung up on the figures – these are just place holders. This document is in line with the budget request but is not a compact.  Andy had a question on the compact process.  Maddy answered that a compact is how an organization explains where they are going, what has been done in the past, and what on-going procedures are being done.  Sandy added that the strategic positioning and the compact need to be woven together.  There was discussion on staffing and faculty positions in relation to an environmental studies program as well as positions up for tenure and promotion.  A statement was made that one of the divisions has lost staff because of the lack of salary and benefits.  Jacquie said she understood the importance of staffing in areas.  UMM canÕt get external resources if there isnÕt staff to work in these areas.  There are two areas of high priority:  Student Scholarship Support, and the Native American Indian Tuition Waiver Initiative.  Jacquie also would like to see UMM creating American Indian cultural research;  a very exciting idea that is not offered anywhere else. 




Andy asked if anyone had questions/issues for the next meeting to e-mail him.  Jacquie, Andy, and the writing committee will meet this afternoon to finish up the documents.  LeAnn would like to see the charge for the Technology Committee defined.  Maddy would like to have time at the next CRPC meeting to report on External Relations/Fund Development initiatives.  Nancy Helsper will attend the next meeting to answer questions and concerns on the data she and Gary have been working on. 


Meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.


Minutes prepared by Adele Raymond