University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resource and Planning Committee/Strategic Planning Committee


November 9, 2006


Present:           Andy Lopez, Sara Haugen, LeAnn Dean, Sarah Mattson,

                        Bryan Herrmann, Lowell Rasmussen, Sharon Van Eps, Joe Basel,

                        Pete Wyckoff, Arne Kildegaard, Pareena Lawrence, Ken Hodgson,

                        Jonathan Bringewatt


Absent:           Dan Moore, Cassie McMahon, Maddy Maxeiner


Guests:                        Nancy Helsper, Gary Strei, Troy Goodnough, Sandy Olson-Loy,

Henry Fulda, T.J. Ross, Julie Phelps


(In these minutes:  Clarification of Institutional Data, approval of past meetings minutes, information on sustainability endeavors)


Andy started with a few announcements: 


1) Chancellor Johnson hand-delivered the strategic positioning document to the Twin Cities along with a cover letter.  The document will be posted to the UMM Web site;


2) Andy asked the CRPC committee to start thinking of next semester and get their schedules to Adele so meetings times and rooms can be scheduled. Andy said the committee membership would remain the same.


Minutes from the October 12th and October 19th meetings were distributed via e-mail before the meeting.  There were no corrections/comments to the minute; Andy asked for a motion to approve the minutes; Arne moved to approve the minutes and Jonathan seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Troy Goodnough, UMM sustainability coordinator discussed the sustainability statement.  Troy said a sustainability committee would fit best as a subcommittee of the CRPC.  The subcommittee would collect and analyze data, develop policy to maintain a sustainable UMM environment and support conservation courses.  Arne asked if the committee members for the sustainability committee would be limited to CRPC members.  Andy said this would not be necessary.  Troy gave a list of potential members – approximately 19 members that could include grounds keepers, clerical, as well as faculty and P&A.   Pete made a motion to create a subcommittee and Jonathan seconded the motion.  Troy went on to say that UMM has had success in the sustainability initiatives to include plant facilities.  Troy has a Word document that goes into more detail that he could send to the CRPC members.  Pete said he would like to amend his original motion; he said more discussion would be needed.  He asked if this would be an ad hoc committee and was also concerned about the number of committee members.  LeAnn also asked for clarification that a subcommittee was not an adjunct committee.  Jonathan expressed concern that a subcommittee might slow down the progress for sustainability (i.e., many meetings and data research) and asked how effective a subcommittee of this size could be.  Sandy stated that she liked the master plan piece and thought the committees should be brought together to endorse the mission statement.  She asked what the major components were of sustainability.  Sara said that with more people on a committee there is more effectiveness.  Bryan likes the idea of the multiple groups of people on the committee.  Pete asked how many people in the room would be interested in discussing the sustainability committee in more detail.  Sandy, Pete, Sara, Jonathan and Arne expressed interest.  They will meet next week with Troy to continue the discussion of the sustainability committee.


Nancy Helsper distributed handouts and went over the background comments Andy had forwarded to her.  Nancy said the data book has been consistent since 1982/1983.  She discussed and explained what positions are counted for the data book purposes.  Nancy confirmed Gary’s earlier handouts and explained this count by the Twin Cities is a “snapshot” in time.  Nancy went over some of the staff discrepancies (i.e, computing services, finance and food services).  Pareena wanted to know if Nancy could send the CRPC members the information sheet Nancy had with this information.  Nancy agreed to send it to the committee.  Andy said if anyone had more questions for Nancy to let Andy know and he would relay them to Nancy and she would be invited to a subsequent meeting.


Sandy Olson-Loy provided three handouts relating to the UMM Residential Life Six-Year Capital Plan.  Sandy gave a brief overview for Gay Hall.  Henry said there needs to be a strong residential life component in the master plan.  Henry went over the Six-Year Capital Plan and the items and estimated cost for plans.   He said that plant facilities and residential life need to come together to enhance the campus.  There is going to be a significant upgrade in furniture in Gay Hall.  Also, the Office of Residential Life (ORL) is not handicap accessible and needs to be moved.  The ORL will be moved to Gay Hall in the apartment that was used by faculty.  T.J. went into more detail on the new furnishings.  ORL had met with staff and three students to select two different options for the new furnishings.  Next week there will be “showrooms” set up in Gay Hall for students and staff to view. T.J. said ORL would appreciate input. 




Next week Lowell will discuss the master plan.  Sandy and her staff would like to come back to cover the other items on their agenda.


Meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.


Minutes prepared by Adele Raymond