University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee/Strategic Positioning Task Force


December 7, 2006




Members Present:       LeAnn Dean, Sarah Mattson, Jonathan Bringewatt, Joe Basel,

                                    Sharon VanEps, Lowell Rasmussen, Andy Lopez, Pete Wyckoff,

                                    Arne Kildegaard, Bryan Herrmann, Pareena Lawrence, Dan Moore,

                                    Maddy Maxeiner


Guests:                                    Pam Solvie, Sandy Olson-Loy




Update on Capital Requests


Lowell reported that we submitted our Capital Request that included renovation of the Community Service building; renovation of Blakely Hall and the renovation of the Food Service building. The vice president in the Budget and Finance office was not very enthusiastic about our requests and didnŐt think all of it would fit the bonding bill. He suggested the following: Scenario A--because he is uncomfortable about the funding for Blakely, he suggests renovating Blakely for academic support and then building a new dorm. The renovation of Community Services would also be included. Scenario B--renovate Community Services and think about calling the Food Service Building something else, perhaps a conference center. The legislature will think Food Services should be self-supporting; but the renovation of a conference center might pass.


Lowell added that the problem with Scenario A is that our Master Plan does not include a new dorm and ORL has not had enough time to sit down and even think about that possibility. He asked the committee to think about the following: 1) do we want a new dorm? 2) are we willing to subsidize Blakely in dual-functioning role? 3) are we willing to create a conference center instead of calling it a food service building?


Pete asked if this was a possibility from an ORL standpoint. Sandy said they need time to think creatively about how we package our requests and we need to figure out the cash flow situation in ORL. She added that students like living in old dorms. Pete thinks a new dorm would be crucial in terms of helping our enrollment and he suggested a green dorm. Lowell said we need more feedback from the Twin Cities before we can move forward and we keep our options open.


Next steps for Multi-cultural vision as part of the Strategic Planning Process


Sandy distributed two handouts: one was a chart outlining multicultural student life at UMM and the other was UMM diversity recommendations. She would like to transform the multicultural portion into a working plan. Many campuses have a diversity plan (similar to a master plan) for faculty, staff and students. She would like input from this committee on how to move forward. UMM has taken a lot of leadership and is ahead of many colleges. She wants to put everything in a cohesive plan so we can move forward with our strategic plan. Pete believes there is a piece missing on the chart—the accessibility to all students of economic backgrounds. Jonathan asked about the definition of faith organizations. Sandy there are not many resources available for students who do not identify themselves as Christians. Dan said the majority is nowhere on the list and he is concerned about further separation between minority groups and the majority. Sandy responded that this chart represents the under-represented and there is another chart that outlines the campus as a whole.


Andy asked Sandy to prioritize her list and then this committee can discuss. He also suggested a smaller group might want to determine feasibility and level of importance. Sandy will report back to the committee early next spring.