University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee/Strategic Positioning Task Force


January 29, 2007




Members Present:       Lowell Rasmussen, Sarah Mattson, Joe Basel, Sara Haugen, Dan Moore,

                                    Maddy Maxeiner, Jonathan Bringewatt, Sharon Van Eps, Pareena

                                    Lawrence, Bryan Herrmann, Pete Wcykoff


Guests:                                    Carol Marxen, Sandy Olson-Loy, Jacquie Johnson



Minutes from January 22, 2007 approved as presented.


Update on External Relations and Fund Development


Maddy reported that as of today, new gift commitments to UMM this fiscal year total $860,000. The total for last fiscal year, ending June 30, was $1.1 million, which means we are tracking positively for a good fundraising year. Faculty and staff have contributed $125,000 this year; alumni another $680,000. Most of these new gift commitments are for scholarships and student support. Annual giving is tracking ahead of last year. Compared to the same period last year, the total number of annual gifts received is up 18%.


Looking ahead, she anticipates a lot of excitement in External Relations and also projects a lot of potential with the possibility of bringing all of the External Relations staff to one area in the Community Services Building. As we look ahead to the next campaign, we will need a good process of defining priorities on our campus that includes a fairly wide, inclusive conversation with the campus and CRPC will play an important role in that. Additionally, the ChancellorŐs role is very important and if positioned correctly can play a strong role externally with donors. She hopes CRPC will understand how time-consuming this will be for the Chancellor. She also believes its time for UMM to develop some type of External Advisory Group because those groups can be instrumental during the campaign. We would want to make clear that this would not be a governing group. Chancellor Johnson added that their role would be different from the Alumni Board but they would surely be linked. ItŐs a good chance for a group to connect and do some networking but we would want to make sure we have something for them to do. Pete wondered if this group could be called a Board of Visitors. Andy noted that this idea hasnŐt always worked well in the past and we would want to think very carefully about it. Jacquie reported that as she and Maddy meet with donors, there appears to be an interest and we have a very talented group of people who would like to be involved and want to have some connection. Their charge would have to be very clear –what it is and what it isnŐt – we want to use their support, knowledge and expertise. Andy suggested starting out relatively small, perhaps 12 committed people, who could stay with us for a couple of year.


Maddy will continue to look for support from this committee when building a Communications budget and looking at the current External Relations structure. She also distributed a job description for the Major Gifts Officer position.


Capital Request Proposal


Jacquie distributed an outline of the Capital Budget Request for 2008 and reported that she and Lowell met with Robert Jones last week. The TC think we have some very good ideas but we

need to be mindful of their reaction to the idea of conferencing at UMM and have a fully developed plan. The TC budget director said he would not take forward the request for a residence facility. Andy suggested we provide of history of the conference events, i.e. the banking institute. Sharon suggested using the term conference and workshop center. Pete suggested looking at what kind of revenue this would make as part of a non-core mission. Jacquie said thatŐs exactly the information we need to have and that facilities and programming are tied to our core mission. Lowell added that currently the food service contract has the entire building and hopes that the new contract fee will come down thus lowering the cost per student. Sara mentioned how important it is to get area and statewide kids to UMM. She wondered how many groups have contacted Judy Riley about holding a workshop or summer conference. Jacquie added that a public institution needs to be available to the public and we are not serving the public and region in the summer. Lowell added that although this is not a bonding year, our request would become a placeholder. CRPC approved to move forward.


Minutes prepared by Carrie Grussing