University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee/Strategic Positioning Task Force


February 5, 2007




Members Present:       Pete Wyckoff, Bryan Herrmann, LeAnn Dean, Joe Basel, Sara Haugen,

                                    Maddy Maxeiner, Pareena Lawrence, Andy Lopez, Arne Kildegaard,

                                    Jonathon Bringewatt, Lowell Rasmussen, Ken Hodgson, Dan Moore


Guests:                                    Carol Marxen, Sandy Olson-Loy, Jacquie Johnson, Christine Mahoney



Minutes from January 29, 2007 approved as amended.


Report from Christine Mahoney on the notion of “branding”


Christine distributed a handout explaining the differences between branding, marketing and integrated marketing. UMM has never done marketing research and in keeping with our strategic plan that addresses communications, she feels it’s time. She and others have begun exploratory meetings with various marketing firms including Knock and Stamats and hope to invite three firms to campus. Andy suggested having internal discussions first to get the most benefit when these firms visit campus. Ken thought we should have an organic description of what goes on here outlining the steps we’ve already taken to define ourselves. Pete added that Knock has done a good job with the Admissions publications and asked if Christine is coordinating with Admissions. Christine said yes she has been talking with Admissions and although that office is very important she feels it now time to include other offices on campus.

Jacquie agreed that Knock has developed some good pieces for us already. She believes it could be very educational for us to have several firms show us what they can do for us and that their visit to campus would help us get a feel for that. Ken commented that maybe a marketing firm could be objective and tell us what we’re good at. Dan wondered why we would let a marketing firm make decisions for us and as example, used the green and brown colors for some of our publications instead of the maroon and gold.


Update from Chancellor Johnson


Jacquie had a couple of items to talk about. The first item is her inauguration. After discussing with Paula and others, she has decided to have her inauguration on April 20, before the Undergraduate Research Symposium begins.


The second item is to request that the CRPC, in consultation with her, appoint a subcommittee to explore the meaning of the phrase “public honors college.” She suggested using our data and data from NSSE to determine what students are telling us and if we claim it then we have to live it. Andy agrees that we should do this and move forward with a resolution. Dan asked if she foresees discussions within small groups with opportunity to meet with other groups. Pete believes the fear among faculty is that this group will already be seen as an advocate for the term “honors.” Additionally, he’s concerned about disconnect—the timing of honors discussions at the same time a marketing firm is here. Dan said that a tag line doesn’t change our goals or what we do here. Pete believes a faculty member should chair the subcommittee. Ideally someone who has not already offered an opinion on this and who would have institutional memory and history. Andy suggested bringing in other faculty members than those currently serving on CRPC. Jacquie asked members to think about the charge and send any recommendations to Andy. She hopes the subcommittee could do their work in the next couple of months with the understanding they are not working in isolation.


The third item is to talk about the Compact process. She values and appreciates the input from this committee especially because the process is new to her. UMM’s Compact meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 9. At this point, she has had one conversation with the vice chancellors and division chairs about what priorities to include in the Compact. She hopes to update this committee on the budget and program review in a couple of weeks. She does not have a clear framework on how we leverage the various environmental and sustainability and renewable energy resources and doesn’t want to miss an opportunity. A meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, February 6 at 5:30 p.m. that includes people from the WCROC, the Soils Lab and UMM to brainstorm about some of these issues.


Andy reminded the committee that Bob Kvavik will be visiting campus on February 21 and is scheduled to meet with CRPC at 2:30 p.m. in the Prairie Lounge.


Minutes prepared by Carrie Grussing