University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


February 12, 2007




Members Present:       Sara Haugen, Joe Basel, Bryan Herrmann, Pete Wyckoff, Andy Lopez,

                                    Lowell Rasmussen, Jonathan Bringewatt, Pareena Lawrence,

                                    LeAnn Dean, Arne Kildgaard


Guests:                                    Sandy Olson-Loy



Minutes from February 5, 2007 approved as presented.


Update from Lowell Rasmussen on physical plant and master planning issues


Lowell updated the committee on Capital Requests for 2008 that included State Bonds for the Community Services Building and University Bonds for a Green Dorm. He also reported that an RFP will be issued to look at our environmental master plan incorporating historical and technology plans. The Biomass will go before the Regents in May for approval with construction beginning in July. The joint competition track needs repair. Beautiful U Day proposals will be reviewed by CRPC next week. There are ongoing negotiations with Ottertail about adding up to two additional turbines. Andy asked for an update on Gay Hall. Lowell responded that he had not received the reports back yet but has heard that it probably be cheaper to re-use the building than to bulldoze. Bryan asked about options for Food Services. Lowell responded that we would need to rename the building and have a convincing plan on why this would have to happen.


Report on sustainability and environmental issues held on Tuesday, February 6


Arne Kildegaard reported that about 24 people from UMM, Soils Lab and WCROC attended a meeting convened by Chancellor Johnson. The Twin Cities is waiting/expecting for us to propose something regarding green initiatives. One significant point was that the Division of Science & Math announced their intention of proposing something themselves. The Division of the Social Sciences will be responding as well. Andy hoped something would be added to the curriculum with the word environment either as one program or two tracks. Lowell hopes we decide on two track process because his experience with students presenting at conferences is that most of them are majoring in the sciences. Jacquie is working on a document and will talk about our environmental initiatives and Compact at the next meeting.


Discussion about a subcommittee to refine the definition of a public honors college


The committee discussed the composition of a subcommittee that would include faculty members, students, and staff members with appropriate representation for gender, rank, divisions, other major commitments on campus, academic and student affairs, supports and non-supporters of this concept.


Minutes prepared by Carrie Grussing