University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


March 19, 2007




Members Present:       Andy Lopez, Pareena Lawrence, Bryan Herrmann, Pete Wyckoff,

                                    Maddy Maxeiner, Sara Haugen, Joe Basel, Sarah Haugen, LeAnn Dean,

                                    Sharon VanEps, Dan Moore, Ken Hodgson, Lowell Rasmussen,

                                    Arne Kildegaard


Guests:                                    Jacquie Johnson




Community Services building project


Lowell Rasmussen reported that there will be a feasibility study done for the Community Services building project.  Three firms will be invited to campus and we will need to act quickly.  A program committee will be formed.


Update from Chancellor Johnson


Chancellor Johnson reported that she had an opportunity to speak to the Facilities Committee on the Biomass Plant at the Board of Regents meeting and their response was favorable.   The request will come back to the Regents in May for final approval with groundbreaking beginning this summer. 


She reported that at our Compact meeting with Robert Jones, her presentation was tied into enhancing the U’s reputation.  Included in the Compact were the following new requests:

  1. Leverage Green Campus and Renewable Energy Initiative
  2. Increase visibility and “brand” recognition of UMM
  3. Strategic Goal:  Improve retention and graduation rates.


She will continue to seek continued funding from the U to fully support the Native American Tuition Waiver and will continue to seek faculty salary compensation to bring faculty salaries in line with peer institutions within the U of MN system and outside it.


She also reported that President Bruininks and Robert Jones plan to visit UMM on March 29-30 and have requested to meet with CRPC.  Pete Wyckoff noted that this committee had discussed the budget in the fall, but he has no idea how we are doing now.  Jacquie thought a budget update was appropriate.  


She has been contacted by the Provosts office about posting the full report of our Strategic Plan and asked if we could reframe our wording regarding the definition of honors college.  Perhaps we could use language that was more aspirational.


Future agenda items


Andy noted that there are six weeks left of the semester and asked what committee members would like addressed.  The following were suggested:

-       report from Maddy Maxeiner on External Relations

-       update from James Morales on enrollment

-       budget update from Gary Strei and Jacquie Johnson

-       outcomes of program review

-       Master planning process



Minutes prepared by Carrie Grussing