University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


March 26, 2007




Members Present:       Arne Kildegaard, Sara Haugen, Joe Basel, LeAnn Dean, Ken Hodgson,

                                    Lowell Rasmussen, Jonathan Bringewatt, Pareena Lawrence,

                                    Maddy Maxeiner, Pete Wyckoff


Guests:                                    Matt Abbott, Troy Goodnough. Adam Yust




Minutes of February 12 and February 19 approved as presented on a motion by Jonathan Bringewatt, second by Pareena Lawrence.


Discussion of meeting with President Bruininks and Robert Jones


The committee talked about issues to discuss with Bruininks and Jones. One item may be to ask about salary equity. Chancellor Johnson suggested that we reinforce whats in our Compact and frame and highlight our new requests including Academic Enrichment and Environmental Studies.  She also suggested that we focus on the steps were taking with a positive tone to strengthen our position.  Our classroom technology is also an issue as well as that our SE&E budgets have not kept up.


Discussion of building forensic contract for Community Services building


Lowell reported that two proposals for RFPs will need to be done over the next two months. The following will serve on the Community Service Program Committee:  Lowell Rasmussen, Andy Lopez, Maddy Maxeiner, Tom McRoberts, James Morales, Christine Mahoney, Carla Riley, Bryan Herrmann, and Ben Winchester.  Jonathan expressed concern that there were no students on the committee and asked if MCSA could identify students to serve. 


Lowell also reported that 10 proposals for the Master Plan have been submitted.  He is looking for volunteers to form a subcommittee to review all 10 proposals and determine a short list that will be presented to CRPC.  Ken Hodgson, Jonathan Bringewatt, and Andy Lopez volunteered.


Discussion of LEED resolution


Adam Yust distributed the resolution from MCSA that the Morris Campus shall adopt the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and/or the State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (MSBG) for all new construction and significant renovations.  There was discussion on certification levels and B3.  Joe Basel said he would favor B3 and Minnesota standards.  Jonathan Bringewatt said that B3 is not national and LEED is well known.  He also wanted to add that there has been stronger student support for this than anything else that has ever been brought forward.  Pete Wyckoff asked if we should specify level or just certification.  Arne Kildegaard made a motion to send back to MCSA asking that the include B3 in the text, second by Joe Basel.  Motion carries.


Discussion of Designated Suppliers Program


Matt Abbott distributed a handout with background information on the Designated Suppliers Program.  Jonathan Bringewatt said MCSA plans to vote on this and hopes to bring it forward to the Campus Assembly.  Pete Wyckoff wondered if an unintended consequence of this is to pick on the nice sweatshops?  Arne Kildegaard added that this is a high profile topic at this time.   Jonathan Bringewatt made a motion to endorse the resolution, second by Ken Hodgson.  Pete Wyckoff and Joe Basel said they did not have enough information to vote at this time. 


The motion was officially tabled until the next CRPC meeting.


Agenda for upcoming meetings


April 2 – Gary Strei will give an update on FY2007 budget and a preview of the FY2008 budget and Maddy Maxeiner will begin an update on External Relations.


April 9 – James Morales will give an update on enrollment.





 Minutes prepared by Carrie Grussing