University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


April 23, 2007




Members Present:       Andy Lopez, Sharon Van Eps, Joe Basel, LeAnn Dean, Dan Moore,

                                    Ken Hodgson, Sara Haugen


Guests:                                    Dave Loewi, Troy Goodnough




Discussion of Master Plan vendors


Andy reported that the Master Plan consultants had been narrowed to Oslund and Associates and Hay Dobbs.  A considerable amount of time was spent discussing the technology piece of the plan.  The consensus seemed to be that the technology work should not exceed 10% of the total cost of updating the Master Plan.  Part of the argument is that the directors of Computing Services, Media Services and the Library are already working on a technology plan and that we have other university and professional resources that can help us with this task.   Dave Loewi reported that during the strategic planning process, Andy asked Dave, LeAnn and Roger to look at the technology needs of the campus.  In addition to looking at fiber, wireless and wired (between buildings on campus and the outside world) heating and cooling issues also need to be addressed.  He does not believe we need an outside consultant to do that; however, it validates what we need.   Two things that would need to be added into our calculations are our telecommunication systems and HDTV that requires huge bandwidth requirements.  Dan wondered if we hired an outside consultant if they would bring expertise that we donŐt know about.  Dave said we have already have access to professionals on the TC and Duluth campuses but that is not the same as a professional validation.  Andy suggested distributing the plan for everyone to read and added that we need to keep some piece in the Master Plan regarding technology.  An informal vote of the members present at the meeting today prefers Oslund and Associates.


Update on Beautiful U project


Troy Goodnough reported that the Bio & Chem club plans to purchase 1 or 2 benches for the campus.  Four or five sun ovens or solar-cookers will also be purchased and placed in the dorms.  A location for the picnic table still needs to be determined.


Other items


Lowell is asking for volunteers to work on the RFP this summer.  The following members indicated they would be available this summer:  Ken, Andy, LeAnn, Sara, Joe, Bryan, Pete and Jonathan.


Minutes prepared by Carrie Grussing