University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


September 13, 2007




Members Present:      Pete Wyckoff, Jenny Wermerskirchen, Maddy Maxeiner, Michelle Page,

                                    Jennifer Rothchild, Joe Basel, Lowell Rasmussen, Dave Swenson,

LeAnn Dean, Brook Miller, Matt Abbott, Sharon VanEps, Ken Hodgson


Guests:                        Jacqueline Johnson, Sandy Olson-Loy, Henry Fulda



Welcome and introduction


Pete Wyckoff, chair, welcomed members and read the powers of the committee from the UMM Bylaws.  Some of the agenda items for this academic year include:  facilities related tasks; consultation with marketing group; faculty salary study project (with Faculty Affairs); consultation with External Relations/preparation for capital campaign; budget consultation with senior administration; consultation with admissions/retention group; and weigh-in on proposed Environmental Studies major.  


The agenda for todayŐs meeting include the following: update on AFSCME strike by Jacquie Johnson; update on Community Services Building Renovation by Lowell Rasmussen; update on Green Residence Hall by Sandy Olson-Loy


Update on AFSCME strike


Jacquie Johnson noted that there have been several articles in the Morris SunTribune.  UMM is doing its best to provide services to students.  There is a campus strike coordination committee that has been meeting every couple of days to address concerns.  She also noted that all negotiations happen on the Twin Cities campus.  LeAnn Dean asked if the newspaper articles have been correct with the number of employees that are out.  Johnson reported that proportionately UMM has more workers out than the Twin Cities.  The trend is more workers are coming back to work.  Dean also asked how many of our AFSCME employees are at the top step.  Johnson said we have one clerical and 2 technical.  She also noted that the step system works differently for teamsters; the difference is in how the contracts are written and negotiated.  Brook Miller asked for advice for faculty and other staff for reintegrating workers when they return.  Johnson said the strike coordination committee has talked about that issue.  She believes the strike is felt very differently here than in the Twin Cities and added that in the end, we are community and we need to work together.


Update on Community Services Building Renovation


Lowell Rasmussen showed a floor plan of the building that would house the offices of Admissions, External Relations and Continuing Education.  At this point, programmatically, everyone fits in the building—Admissions and External Relations on the main floor and Continuing Education and Center for Small Towns upstairs.  Our target is to have a gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification; however, we are close to the platinum level.  He also noted that this certification makes a big impact on the occupants.  It requires stakeholders to think about how they live in the building.  Johnson noted that this project is very on high the priority list which is promising and exciting.  She added that we are calling it the Gateway Project.  Wyckoff asked what happens if the money allocated is not enough for the project.  Rasmussen said there are all kinds of variables that we simply canŐt anticipate.  He added that this project goes to the legislature for bonding in the spring of 2008 and if approved, he anticipates the bidding in the spring of 2009 with occupancy in fall 2010.  Ken Hodgson said he would be remiss not to mention the HFA Phrase III project and asked where that project currently fits on the list of priorities.  Rasmussen said the Briggs Library is scheduled for 2010 so the next opportunity would be 2012.  Wyckoff asked if Blakely would be used for swing space.  Rasmussen said yes as that would be least cost option.


Update on Green Residence Hall


Sandy Olson-Loy reported that years ago, President Yudof mandated that all residence halls be sprinkled and UMM has been embarking on that project for some time.  Blakely is the last unsprinkled residence hall in the U of M system.  Adding a green residence hall will provide contemporary undergraduate student housing during the academic year, replacing Blakely Hall and complete the universityŐs work upgrading fire and life safety systems to include sprinklers for all UM residential space.   The hall is intended to provide smart living and learning space for 60 to 80 undergraduate students during the academic year.  During the summer, it will house and provide research and learning spaces for students, researchers, visiting scholars and citizens in programs planned by UMM in strong collaboration with U of M and Green Prairie Alliance partners.  The cost of the project will be determined during the predesign/schematic design study and should be approximately $6 million.  Funds will be provided through U of M bonding and UMM Residential Life reserves.  A full funding plan will be confirmed in Fall 2007.


Chancellor Johnson appointed a UMM Green Residence Hall Planning Project Team this fall.  Olson-Loy reported that the project team will be interviewing 5 firms on Monday, September 17 from 10:30- 4:00 and she welcomed members of this committee to attend.