University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Resources and Planning Committee


September 27, 2007


Members Present:            Pete Wyckoff, Jenny Wermerskirchen, Michelle Page, Maddy Maxeiner,

                                                   LeAnn Dean, Jennifer Rothchild, Brook Miller, Sara Haugen, Matt Abbott,

                                                   Sarah Mattson, Lowell Rasmussen, Dave Swenson, Ken Hodgson


Guests:                                   Margaret Kuchenreuther, Jacquie Johnson



Minutes from September 20, 2007 meeting approved as presented with minor changes noted. Motion made by Brook Miller, second by Dave Swenson.




Pete noted that four of the CRPC meetings have been moved from Thursdays to Tuesdays so as not to conflict with the Curriculum Committee meetings. Those dates include: October 9, October 30, November 13 and December 4.


Continued discussion of proposed environmental studies major


Pete announced that Roland Guyotte would like a statement from CRPC on the appropriateness of the proposal before it goes to the Curriculum Committee.


Jennifer Rothchild asked for clarification on who would coordinate the program if it were housed in the DeanÕs office. Pete responded that there would be program coordinators. Michelle Page asked for clarification of personnel and staffing and wondered if these positions are already dedicated to someone. Margaret said there would be one new hire in the Social Science division. Margaret and Pete will fulfill the 0.5 FTE attributable to Biology by each offering Environmental Biology in alternating years with 0.25 of MargaretÕs current effort being reclassified from Biology to Environment program and 0.25 would increase PeteÕs current position. The Biology discipline voted last week to approve those positions and agreed to provide that course for as long as that position exists at UMM with funding from the Compact. Sara Haugen asked if anyone had thought about any potential challenges because of what happened to WomenÕs Studies. Dave Swenson added that he believes the bigger problem that needs to be addressed is the long-term viability of all disciplinary programs. He wondered if the Curriculum Committee should address this.


Jacquie Johnson added that there is an institutional commitment to this program with money to support the position. Brook Miller said a colleague of his in the Humanities Division objected to the Compact process; that the request had gone out without consultation from faculty. Jacquie responded that the Compact request was considered and discussed by this committee and the division chairs. The request was for three positions focusing on the environment without specifying one thing or another and that the wording was carefully chosen. She also mentioned that the compact process has changed from an annual request to a biannual request. Lowell Rasmussen added that this committee spent 18 months talking about the strategic plan and that this proposal came from those discussions. LeAnn Dean needed to leave the meeting at this point and she asked that if official action was taken today that the Library be included as a resource with additional support. Brook asked if we need consider committing additional recourses in the coming years. Margaret responded that as it stands now, the major is sound. The biggest hole rests in the Humanities Division because of the staffing. Ken Hodgson said this is a delicate area in his division because quite a few of the positions remain unopened. Brook asked if there would be language justifying why course release was needed for a discipline coordinator. Michelle believes that every program is different. She understands the need for consistency but feels we need to look at the nature of each individual program. Pete asked if the committee was ready to make a statement on whether or not this proposal makes acceptable demands on campus resources or continue the discussion next week. The committee agreed they were ready to proceed.


First motion:


In principle, CRPC supports the proposal with resources allocated. Motion passes unanimously.


Second motion:


If and when the proposal emerges from the Curriculum Committee, the CRPC would like to revisit and discuss resource implications including but not limited to Library allocation, impact on DeanÕs office, impact of coordinator position and the desirability of future additional faculty hires. Motion passes unanimously.


The agenda for next week will include a presentation by Maddy Maxeiner.