Campus Relations and Planning Committee

November 8, 2007 -- 8:00 a.m.

(Minutes approved: Nov. 29, 2007)

Meeting Minutes

Student Center - Prairie Lounge




Members Present:         Joe Basel, LeAnn Dean, Sarah Haugen, Brook Miller, Jennifer

Rothchild, Dave Swenson, Sharon Van Eps, Jenny

Wermerskirchen, Pete Wyckoff,


Members Not Present: Ken Hodgson, Sarah Mattson, Maddy Maxeiner, Lowell

Rasmussen, Michelle Page


Guest:                                    Tom McRoberts



Tom McRoberts discussed International Students at UMM, including past enrollment, orientation for international students, goals for future enrollment of international students, international student experience survey.


The goal is to have more fully paying, degree seeking students. As of now foreign student enrollment is about half degree seeking and half exchange students (they pay their institution and we get some money but less than for degree seeking students). For example, most of the freshman students from China are degree seeking students, while most upperclassmen from China are exchange students.



Historically, UMM has not actively recruited internationally. Our conscious international recruiting is a new development. Before we actively recruited, there had been family ties that brought people here (students have a relative that graduated from UMM, and told them about UMM). Our policy from 1995-2005 was that we were going to focus on sending students abroad, rather than bringing international students here. Now, we do have some institutional goals that suggest a percentage of our student body will be international students, by the end of this decade, we're looking to have 100 students.



Two years ago an orientation program was developed to help establish a relationship with students and getting them comfortable on campus. The orientation was expanded for this year (with more ESL training) and spanned five days. An expanded orientation for spring semester is planned as well.


Structure of Center for International Programs

After students are admitted to UMM, information for international students is sent to the Center for International Programs, and they work on developing a relationship with the student before they arrive at UMM. Tom McRoberts serves as an advocate and troubleshooter for international students (takes 20-25% of his time), Sharon Van Eps (40% of her appointment) deals mostly with regulations (i.e. visas, passports, other documents), orientation, and logistical issues. Ferolyn Angell also works with international students (60% of her appointment). Two non-tenure track professors provide courses aimed at international students (less than full time).


Minutes from October 25, 2007

The phrase "overspent by over 1 million dollars" will be changed to "overspent by over 1.6 million dollars"

The phrase "for the current year because " will be changed to "for the current year because of the following"

They typo "budge" will be changed to "budget"


Joe Basel made a motion to approve the minutes from October 25, 2007 as revised, Sharon Van Eps seconded, motion carried.


There was discussion about how to get international students more involved, helping with tutoring their first language, the country fair is coming up and that involves all students.


Pete explained that the reason he asked Tom McRoberts to come today was to address the revenue implications of international students at UMM. He feels that by the end of the year CRPC should make a statement regarding resources and support of international students.


Jennifer Rothchild suggested that additional resources be allocated, having professors that can offer both academic support and acclimation/life support.


Brook Miller aske if we have looked at professors not directly teaching ESL courses—what hidden resources impacts might international students have on them. Sharon Van Eps said that they recognize that this is a big impact especially when there are three to four international students in one class. It was discussed that it might be helpful to talk to professors to look at the “seeping costs”, and find ways to diminish those costs by proper resource allocation. Dave Swenson shared that he liked the idea of sending professors to get ESL training, but asked if bringing someone here for a larger scale session would be more helpful.


Agenda Item for next week – answer the question of how to proceed with this.


Environmental Studies Major

Passed through the curriculum committee, we had decided we want to reevaluate the staffing resources, Pete felt that it was not ready to return to CRPC, because none of the staffing resources were addressed at curriculum. The major and the courses of the major will go to Campus Assembly on November 28, 2007. The impression is that Campus Assembly won’t address resources either, simply courses for the major.



Jacquie called last week and asked that the discussion on the budget be postponed, she wants to propose a way forward on the budget, hopefully before Thanksgiving.


We will meet next Tuesday, and are scheduled to hear from Maddie, there is a chance we will discuss the budget.


Pete Wyckoff adjourned the meeting at 9:01 am.