Campus Relations and Planning Committee

November 13, 2007 -- 8:00 a.m.

Meeting Minutes

(Approved November 29, 2007)

Student Center - Prairie Lounge






Members Present:         LeAnn Dean, Carrie Grussing, Sara Haugen, Ken Hodgson,

Jacquie Johnson, Sara Mattson, Maddy Maxeiner, Brook Miller,

Michelle Page, Lowell Rasmussen, Jennifer Rothchild, Jenny

Wermerskirchen, Pete Wyckoff


Members Not Present: Joe Basel, Dave Swenson, Sharon Van Eps, Douglas Williams



Pete Wyckoff called the meeting to order at 8:02 am


General Announcments

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on Thursday, November 29, 2007. The bulk of that meeting will be a discussion with James Morales about enrollment. There will be a brief update on the green residence hall from Sandy Olson-Loy. Upcoming event: December 4, 6:00-9:00 there will be a public input session about the green residence hall.


Next meeting there will be three sets of minutes to approve, please look them over.


Jacquie reminds everyone that there are legislators on campus this week, the House Senate capitol investment committee. They will be taken through Imholte hall, and juxtapose that with community services. There will be a presentation around 8:00 am and will be open to everyone in CRPC.


Campaign Preparations – Maddy Maxeiner

Maddy Maxeiner has return to discuss the university’s preparations for the events of the comprehensive capital campaign. This program is tentatively planned to kick off in the fall of 2009. For planning and illustration purposes, the University is scoping out a campaign goal of $2.5-3.5 Billion (a bit more than double the last campaign). However, a campaign goal has not been determined. The counting period began July of 2006, and so we are in year 2 of the campaign, part of the quiet phase. Maddy hopes to work closely with CRPC to get our campus ready for this campaign.


One of our first deadlines is March 1, 2008, the foundation wants to see a first draft of 2-4 overarching themes, goals etc, along with an estimate of where we think our dollar goals will be.


For this campaign there will be a focus on “transformational change.”


Maddy discussed the various keys elements that will be necessary for making this campaign successful. There will be an emphasis on interdisciplinary initiatives. Will need to answer how to address difficult societal questions and needs – do this by collaboration and finding new approaches. The goals need to link to our strategic plan, and have a compelling case.


Transformational Giving

Is not defined by a particular dollar amount, as it varies from campus to campus. It has to do with the impact on the college to change the destiny; this campaign will focus on finding and securing those kinds of gifts. Characteristics of transformational donors include that their donation is an investment, not giving to charity.


UMM’s Role

                 Must articulate themes for UMM, identify volunteer leadership, look at dollar goals, develop gift tables (identify prospects), support staffing and infrastructure, execute the plan.


Next steps: March 1, 2008 – provide 3-4 umbrella campaign themes as well as initial dollar goals.


The major gifts officer position is very critical, out there gathering prospects and gifts. Maddy discussed the five step process to identifying a prospect and getting a donation as well as stewardship after the donation. (Identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship)


Pete asked for an update on what the major gifts officer has done in her first two months. Maddy informed him that she has been doing a lot of training, she has a portfolio of 57 prospects (already in the system), and an additional 170 were identified from a survey, as well as identifying her own. This week she has her first in person appointments. A typical load for a full time gifts officer is around 150 prospects, hoping to get her up to about 175 prospects. This is because her position was created without any administrative responsibilities.


Gift Tables

The planning construct is a pyramid, you receive some strong lead gifts towards the goal.


Possible Priorities and Readiness Checklist

Need to develop priorities, leadership, prospects, and infrastructure.



Ken shared that the Steinway Company has designated UMM as a Steinway campus (only 75-100) qualify in the nation. One of the things they would like to see is a Steinway initiative. Proposes finding a way to work that into the program someplace.


Pete asked the group how this group wants to proceed if March 1, 2008 is the deadline for goals.


Jacquie added that we’re hoping to avoid a list of projects, and are hoping to accomplish a set of 2-4 inspiring, collected, thematic approaches to the campaign that are compatible to the University system. One of the things that we have talked about is having broader collaboration, possibly a think-tank, a day (early next semester) that would include the key committees on campus (CRPC, Division Chairs, Vice Chancellor’s Group) a retreat of sorts to brainstorm and develop these things. Picking a day is still up in the air, logistics would need to be decided if this is something that we want to do. We may wish to invite a facilitator for part of the discussion.


Maddy asked if there was a role for this group then when it all comes back together. She would like to come back here, this is the group that created the strategic plan.


Pete and would like to see a more detailed spreadsheet of where we are for fundraising as of right now.


LeAnn asked Maddy about the successes of the last campaign and what inspired people to give.


Give Pete input and he will let Maddy know. Pete felt that the idea of an annual faculty/staff ask for support is a good idea, and should start this spring, so that it is almost a cultural expectation before we go public with this campaign.


Pete Wyckoff adjourned the meeting at 9:03 am.