Campus Resources and Planning Committee

February 6, 2008 -- 3:30 p.m.

Meeting Minutes





Members Present: Sara Haugen, Brook Miller, Michelle Page, Jennifer Rothchild, Dave Swenson, Sharon Van Eps, Jenny Wermerskirchen, Pete Wyckoff


Members Not Present: Joe Basel, LeAnn Dean, Carrie Grussing, Ken Hodgson, Jacquie Johnson, Sarah Mattson, Maddy Maxeiner, Lowell Rasmussen, Douglas Williams


Pete Wyckoff called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.



Approval of Minutes

Jennifer Rothchild made a motion to approve minutes from January 28, 2008; Dave Swenson seconded the motion and the motion carried.


What does CRPC do next?

CRPC could potentially have some downtime due to most of our main presenters being gone for the better part of this month. Troy Goodnough has asked to come speak to us about the University’s responsibilities regarding certain green initiatives and the pledges the university has made. Lowell Rasmussen will be on the agenda for the February 27 meeting; Maddy Maxeiner will return on March 5. Chancellor Johnson has proposed the following items for CRPC to tackle this semester:


1) Revisit the mission statement


Pete Wyckoff explained that the current mission statement was adopted by campus assembly in 2005. A draft of a new mission statement was created along with the strategic plan in 2006, but has never received final campus assembly approval. There are some wording concerns that may need to be addressed, i.e. “public honors college” We can decide to leave the 2005 mission statement in place, approve the draft from 2006, or edit either version.


Discussion ensued about how to deal with the phrase “public honors college” in the draft mission statement. Lipman-Hearne seems not to have been asked to review the phrase specifically. The Twin Cities campus would likely object to formal use of the title by UMM.


Historically the mission statement has been under the purview of CRPC. CRPC is seen as the successor to the Strategic Planning task force and enforcer of the strategic plan, and the mission statement is part of that plan. Jacquie has charged CRPC with the task; however, the committee is free to say no to that charge if we so choose.


It was decided that discussion of the mission statement would continue at next week’s meeting, with Brook Miller drafting an explanation for why we would like to strike the phrase “As a public honors college”. Pete feels that if all we do is strike the one phrase, we can then take the mission statement straight to campus assembly. If we do more substantial revision, we should consider passing it by others before referring it to the assembly.


2) Jacquie has suggested that CRPC might revisit the entire strategic plan, and by April, come up with some statement of what goals have been met, and what goals need more work. See handout.


Other Items for the Semester

Pete asked the group to brainstorm other items for the committee’s agenda this semester. Three were suggested:


1) A continued discussion, leading to a recommendation, regarding the adequacy of resources currently deployed to support our growing pool of international students. It was agreed that the next step should be a meeting where we seek input from faculty who teach large numbers of international students.


2) Continued discussion of college in the schools. Several faculty members reported continued concern among their colleagues regarding plans for UMM involvement in CIS. Pete will invite Dean Guyotte to come explain his intentions to the committee.


3) LeAnn Dean and David Loewi will be invited to discuss the technology portion of the UMM master plan.


The meeting next week will be Wednesday, February 13 at 3:30 p.m. in the Prairie Lounge.