Campus Resources and Planning Committee

March 12, 2008 – 3:30 p.m.




Members Present:     Pete Wyckoff, Jacqueline Johnson, Brook Miller, LeAnn Dean, Sharon

VanEps, Lowell Rasmussen, Michelle Page, Sara Haugen, Maddy

Maxeiner, Sarah Mattson, Jennifer Rothchild, Dave Swenson


Members Not Present: Ken Hodgson, Douglas Williams



Budget Update from Jacquie Johnson


Jacquie reported that we will end this year with a 600K+ deficit—results from shortfall in tuition waiver/tuition reduction compensation from central administration (at least from UMMÕs perspective) from last year as well as planning assumptions related to enrollment that didnÕt materialize. Additionally, we will need to carry forward a 1.2M deficit, which we had originally thought was a 1.5M deficit from preceding years. After several meetings with system officers, we agree to the following outcomes: we will not try to plug this yearÕs hole—rather we will spend carefully as we wrap up with regular reviews between budget managers and business office; we will not use reserves to balance this yearÕs budget, but instead will move whatever ÒoverageÓ we end up with to the carry-forward deficit and restructure that to be included in a yearly pay back budget; and we agreed to enter FY 09 with a balanced budget. The bottom line is we need to cut 600K from next yearÕs budget (and we await further notice regarding state of the state).


This will require cuts in personnel. We will work with retirements, to the extent that we might have them—voluntary lay-offs; natural attrition where we can; and in a few cases on the staff and faculty side involuntary lay offs and non-renewals. We will work with the impact of system activities: changes in university contracts (outsourcing vending, for example) and transition from CUFS to EFS. We will examine current practices with an eye toward reducing redundancy and greater efficiency without compromising effectiveness; and we will continue to make necessary investments and plan our way into success.


As we move ahead, we will need to continue our efforts in program review as we work to strengthen our academic program—are there new majors we should be adding? Our current majors should be rethought. We should model plans to achieve greater efficiency: routed printers; single model computers; travel; reduce subscriptions and memberships. Perhaps take a preliminary look at outsourcing and possibly relocating our bookstore. There will be several opportunities for CRPC members to be involved over the course of the next few weeks/months to consider reconfigurations of offices and co-locations toward synergy and efficiency and effectiveness as Community Services empties, we will gain some options.


Jacquie plans to address the campus community on March 25 before the Campus Assembly meeting to give a budget update. A second community meeting will be scheduled in late April (preceded by conversations with CRPC and Division Chairs).