Campus Resources and Planning Committee

April 23, 2008 – 3:30 p.m.





Members Present:     LeAnn Dean, Ken Hodgson, Sara Haugen, Jacquie Johnson, Sarah

Mattson, Brook Miller, Michelle Page, Lowell Rasmussen, Jennifer

Rothchild, Dave Swenson, Sharon Van Eps, Jenny Wermerskirchen,

Pete Wyckoff


Members Not Present: Maddy Maxeiner, Douglas Williams



Potential ways to save money and improve efficiency


Lowell Rasmussen reported that by May 1 we should know what the stateĠs budget formula will be and what our enrollment numbers for the fall will look like. We can then try to determine a realistic budget. We are thinking about both short term and long term regarding what this campus might do to improve efficiency. He will be meeting with the MCSA forum on Monday, April 28 to discuss what weĠre doing right and what weĠre doing wrong from a student perspective. We have had conversations with the Twin Cities Bookstores and they are supportive and willing to provide any services we need. One of their concerns is the size of our bookstore—it is too large. Crookston has outsourced with the Twin Cities and have been very happy with the results. Pete suggested that we explore additional options to determine whether the Twin Cities Bookstore would be our best possible outsourcing partner. Lowell agreed to at least look at a study done by Crookston before outsourcing comparing the benefits of Twin Cities Campus management with the benefits of using a private vendor (Barnes and Noble, Follet, etc.).


Lowell also mentioned that we are part of an Energy Star Program which means that we should only buy equipment that is energy star certified. This will require someone taking leadership with an understanding when ordering equipment.


We also need to starting thinking about what happens to the swing space once the Gateway building is finished in July 2010. Lowell suggested creating a sub-committee who are interested in looking at the whole issue of short-term and long-term space allocation. He would meet with this sub-committee once a month during the summer.


Other money saving initiatives could include staff working on part time basis from home. Perhaps there are places/positions where this could work, especially in the summer months. We could also shorten the work week from Monday-Thursday during the summer to save money on air conditioning. This might work very well for us because in addition to saving labor costs, we could also have an impact on the environment. If someone is interested in helping to work on developing a policy, they should contact Lowell. Perhaps we could invest in better technology so we can connect with the Twin Cities to cut down on the amount of travel.


Lowell is looking into using shared printers. Some basic cost saving ideas include eliminating inkjets except for printing photos or using Energy Star printers. These things are basic changes that make sense to cut down on the cost of printing. What this implies though is that there needs to be some oversight. Duplicating is one of the offices that have run into the economic problems and they have lost production for the last five years. About 25-30% of their revenue currently comes from off-campus. The real problem is that the original business plan does not work anymore. If we want Duplicating to exist as it is now, the University would need to subsidize the operation. Brook pointed out that we should find out how many faculty are subsidizing their own printing.


Five Main Areas Discussed:

1. Telecommuting

2. Shorter Summer Workweek

3. Cutting down on travel via technology – teleconferencing technology

4. Printing – At PeteĠs suggestion, Lowell will create new list of suggested specs to guide campus printer purchases (Energy Star, two sided printing, etc)

5. Duplicating Services – Lowell will be working on a new business plan – will come back to CRPC for a decision


A sew sub-committee will be formed: Space Planning in the Post-Gateway Era

            Members expressing a desire to serve on the committee include Ken Hodgson, Dave Swenson and (maybe) Michelle Page. Please contact Pete if you would like to be added to the list.


A second sub-committee may be formed when a clear charge emerges to examine Telecommuting/Teleconferencing and explore ways to save money using technology.