Campus Resources and Planning Committee

September 18, 2008




Members Present:     Pete Wyckoff, Shannon Juhnke, Sara Mattson, Ray Schultz, Dave

Swenson, LeAnn Dean, Michelle Page, Kathy Julik-Heine, Karen Cusey,

Bryan Herrmann, Brook Miller, Lowell Rasmussen




The agenda for todayŐs meeting include the following: update on Library pre-design from Lowell Rasmussen and a brainstorming session.


Minutes of 9/11/08 approved as presented on a motion by Ray Schultz, second by Sarah Mattson.


Library pre-design


Lowell distributed the architects conception of the pre-design from 2005 and explained that the State of Minnesota handles the budget in two sections. This year they talk about budgets—how much do we give the university to operate on a daily basis. The second year of the biennium are building and capital needs. He does not think it is too soon to think about what our 2010 request will look like and added that as a campus, we need to put together a credible request. In 2005, we hired an architect to do conceptual drawings who worked with the Library committee. Some discussions at that time addressed the issue that the front door of the Library is at the back door of the Student Center. We wonder if we should do more to link these two buildings together and intermix some of the functions. Lowell also mentioned the possibility of inviting Bob Kvavik from the Twin Cities campus to visit us to look at our current space. Bob is an expert in his field in looking at learning commons and determining how and where students learn so we can give the best education we can. Something else for this committee to think it about is whether or not the Bookstore should be merged into this renovation as well. Obviously not everything will fit and we have a maximum of 6 months to really digest all of this and then come back with something that will be very hard for central administration to say that we shouldnŐt do this. A suggestion was made to form a task force that would include representatives from the following: Computing Services, space committee, bookstore report, and the library predesign in consultation with Bob Kvavik. Lowell reminded the committee that we only get one shot at this every two years. Brook asked for an explanation of what a learning commons area means. LeAnn said there are different models—some offer research help, technical help, academic support—generally a hub from which all of these services are provided for students. Pete will make a recommendation to Chancellor Johnson that she appoint a subcommittee of CRPC.


Lowell reported that the bids have come in higher than expected for the Gateway building. Our new strategy is to have the general contractors get the bids back out in mid to late October, resubmit the budget by December and push the construction date to spring.