Campus Resources and Planning Committee

October 2, 2008




Members Present:     Pete Wyckoff, Shannon Juhnke, Jacquie Johnson, Maddy Maxeiner,

Ray Schultz, Sara Haugen, Sarah Mattson, LeAnn Dean,

Kathy Julik-Heine, Escillia Allen, Karen Cusey, Brook Miller, Zak Forde




Capital Campaign


Jacquie Johnson started out by saying that she has had the privilege of traveling with Maddy Maxeiner, Susan Schmidgall and Carla Riley and telling our story and hearing what donors/friends have to say. She hopes the conversation today will serve as a way to elicit from this committee how to proceed with those ideas that weÕre hearing as we move forward with the Capital Campaign. Naturally, we have had conversations about our sustainable, renewable energy efforts. But weÕre really more than that and what we always come back to is the story of our history and legacy.


Jacquie mentioned a meeting with the Minnesota Press regarding the possibility of a book for our 50/100 celebration and by the end of the meeting, both she and Maddy felt they were clearly interested in telling the story about our history and legacy. They have also had some good conversations with some of the people involved in the last campaign who have philanthropic experience and we have to know what it is we want to do. What would be transformative and anchor us in terms of vitality? What it is we want to do? What kind of a difference would it make? How much money would it take? Jacquie also commented that was invited to speak on a panel with other college and university presidents at a Greentown conference about what other colleges are doing and she was struck by part of the mission statement for Luther College that included the phrase, Òwe practice joyful stewardship of the resources that surround us.Ó They are also looking for a $5M endowment to support a center for sustainable communities. ThatÕs something we could do here as we think about compelling themes for donors.


Maddy distributed the Òwish listÓ from last year that was presented to CRPC and talked about the need to translate some of those into motivating inspiring themes. Additionally, the All-University case statement is in the works and although it would be premature for us to begin writing ours yet, we need to keep the wish list in mind and eventually cross articulate the wish list and the themes that are emerging. She proposes working with the division chairs, CRPC and the ChancellorÕs Advisory Council to help put a list together. Jacquie commented that one of the statements that emerged from focus groups when we were doing our marketing and brand initiative is that people feel they been involved in something that is important and it is a model for their lives. ThatÕs what people say about being a member of this community and she thinks we should have a compilation of those conversations along with a brand benefit of the idea that my education at UMM is renewable and sustainable. Maddy asked if the committee was comfortable using the theme of past, present, history and future. Committee members made the following suggestions: the need for more financial aid so students will receive a public liberal arts education thatÕs affordable; think about what weÕre doing for the land and this region, could we make a project for us and the town that would focus on carbon neutrality; the statement should focus on our students lives and experiences; improve service learning; provide international internships for students; create jobs that keep graduates and people in the area. Jacquie added that we need to think about how we were founded and we canÕt loose sign of the way in which we are anchored to the region. Pete said that just being a liberal arts college doesnÕt make us distinctive enough. We need to make our location a plus not a negative. Perhaps recruit more in the arts, by renewing our commitment to the arts. Could we expand our Jazz Fest? Have a choir fest or theatre fest? Jacquie added that an idea worth thinking about would be to have a cultural center that would include a venue or performance hall that ties into American Indian arts and culture with a circular center that pays homage to indigenous people. This is the kind of wild thinking and imagination that ties to pieces that are wonderful and unique about our story. LeAnn mentioned that virtual center would be a complimentary way of identifying with our heritage. Maddy said committee members are welcome to contact her if they have additional ideas or suggestions.


Pete reminded the committee that Lowell Rasmussen is scheduled be on the agenda for the next meeting to discuss the Master Plan.