Campus Resources and Planning Committee

October 9, 2008




Members Present:     Pete Wyckoff, Shannon Juhnke, Kathy Julik-Heine, Ray Schultz, Lowell

Rasmussen, Sara Haugen, Zak Forde, Michelle Page, Dave Swenson,

Brook Miller, LeAnn Dean, Karen Cusey, Escillia Allen, Bryan Herrmann




Master Plan


Lowell Rasmussen presented the Master Plan that was prepared by Oslund & Associates and asked if this is a product the committee can live with or if members had concerns/comments about the report. One of the questions he would like the committee to discuss is how we recognize the historical significance of the campus while creating a new future. After some discussion, the committee presented the following concerns:


Given our limited resources, it would be very helpful if Oslund & Associates would let us know from their perspective, what would make the biggest impact at UMM. Additionally, a priority list along with the costs and benefits of the list should have been included in the Master Plan.

The charts/graphs of other schools included in the Master Plan were deemed unnecessary and not helpful to the committee. The technology assessment needs to be addressed. The committee would also like more signage, especially from the Hwy 59 entrance to the campus.


Additional discussion included the following: Ray asked about the possibility of using the tunnels. Lowell said he would bring this back to the committee for long-range goals discussion. Zak asked if there were any concerns about the green dorm. Lowell responded that is no concern about the location. The architects took an exhaustive look at where this dorm should be place on campus. Lowell added that he is not happy with the storm water mitigation in the plan. Brook wanted to make sure the 4th street entrance and the library comport with the library pre-design committee. Sara asked about HFA Phase III and if the size of the auditorium had been determined. Lowell said this is a work in progress and at this point it has not been determined.


Upcoming meetings


The agenda for future meetings will include: continued discussion with James Morales; budget process plan with Lowell; strategically allocate faculty lines with Chery Contant; discuss budget with Lowell; and space committee update from LeAnn.