Campus Resources and Planning Committee

October 23, 2008




Members Present:     Kathy Julik-Heine, Escilla Allen, Lowell Rasmussen, Sara Haugen,

                                    LeAnn Dean, Jacquie Johnson, Maddy Maxeiner, Pete Wyckoff,

                                    Shannon Juhnke, Karen Cusey, Brook Miller, Bryan Herrmann,

                                    Sarah Mattson, Ray Schultz, Zak Forde                               



Minutes of 10/16/08 meeting approved as presented.


Pete asked for suggestions from the committee about the continuing frustration that we donŐt have a way to note follow-up questions from discussions held at the meeting. The intent is to archive additional questions or concerns. Karen Cusey agreed to set up a Moodle site for the committee.


Budget Process


Lowell distributed a budget management plan to the committee and stated that this new transparent approach will be very different from our previous budgeting process. Because this committee will have access to information that may impact people on campus or the institution, he asked for an understanding that there will be a Ňdo no harmÓ philosophy and that the information be kept confidential. He has asked the Library to put reading material on reserve for committee members that includes information on how other institutions have dealt with budget and planning issues.