Campus Resources and Planning Committee

November 6, 2008




Members Present:     Kathy Julik-Heine, Michelle Page, Shannon Juhnke, Zak Forde,

LeAnn Dean, Pete Wyckoff, Karen Cusey, Maddy Maxeiner, Ray Schultz, Escillia Allen, Lowell Rasmussen, Sarah Mattson, Sara Haugen,

Jacquie Johnson





Admissions proposal


Motion was made by Zak Forde, seconded by Michelle Page, to endorse the Admissions proposal regarding the organizational structure as presented by James Morales at the October 23 meeting.   So moved.


Food Service Contract Renewal


Lowell reported that the Food Service renovation is scheduled to be on the November Board of Regents docket and gave some background information.   The building was originally built in 1970.  The servery on the main floor is dated and is in need of renovation.  Significant changes are needed to better support dining preparation and presentation to meet current industry standards.  It is anticipated the project will create a desirable destination for students to eat, study, relax and socialize.  The majority of the funding became available in July 2008 with the signing of a new contract with the Food Service vendor.  The contract creates designated funding for improvements to the Food Service building to enhance the food presentation and delivery for students.  The renovation involves completely remodeling the Servery on the main floor, create accessibility to the second floor dining area, accessible upgrades to the main floor bathrooms, and the installation of a new fire alarm and sprinkler system.  The extent of the work is considered Phase I of a three phase project.  The scope of phase I was developed based on program priorities, building codes and available funding.   Pete asked if the space could potentially be rented out.  Kathy asked if there has ever been a discussion about changing the named of the building.  Lowell suggested that Donna Bauck to attend a future meeting to address any additional concerns.   Motion to endorse the renovation plans was made by Kathy Julik-Hein and seconded by Ray Schultz.  So moved. 


CREB Bonds


Lowell explained what CREB (Clean Renewable Energy Bonds) are and how they work.  This will help us fix energy costs for the next 15 years.   The CREB is a special type of bond that offers cooperatives the equivalent of interest-free loan for financing qualified energy projects for a limited term.  Kathy asked if other colleges are doing this.  Lowell responded that some have.  Motion to endorse CREB was made by Shannon Juhnke, second by Kathy Julik-Heine.  So moved.


Proposed ESCO energy service contract


Lowell said the proposed contract is scheduled to be on the December Board of Regents docket and distributed the business case analysis along with wind energy conversion graphs.  As stated in the case analysis:  the Morris campus vision for energy independence is consistent with the university’s sustainability initiative; the project provides a financial return that is consistent with university goals; based on our assessment, McKinstry is believed to be an industry leader in energy conservation with adequate financial backing; and the specific energy savings model to be used is very robust and believed to maximize value to the university.  Motion to support the ESCO contract was made by Kathy Julik-Heine, second by Ray Schultz.  So moved.