Campus Resources and Planning Committee

November 13, 2008




Members Present:     Bryan Herrmann, LeAnn Dean, Brook Miller, Ray Schultz,

Kathy Julik-Heine, Dave Swenson, Zak Forde, Heather Peters, Sarah

Mattson, Pete Wyckoff, Sara Haugen, Karen Cusey


Guests:                                    Clare Strand, Brenda Boever, Tom Mahoney




Pete said he posted a note to the Moodle site regarding the special Campus Assembly scheduled on Tuesday, December 2.  If there is anything particular CRPC would like addressed, we need to communicate with the Executive Committee by November 21.   Pete will be meeting with Barry McQuarrie, chair of the Scholastic Committee.


Post-Gateway Space Committee Report


The Post Gateway Space Planning Task Force was charged by the Campus Resources and Planning Committee and Vice-Chancellor for Finance and Facilities, Lowell Rasmussen to study existing office and administrative space utilization on campus and make suggestions as to changes in location and configurations that would inform both short term and long term planning.     The approval of the Community Services building renovation and the series of office relocations set in motion by the opportunities afforded by the new Gateway Center prompted the request for such an effort.  


The task force intends that this report be seen as an internal building space document that could serve as a supplement to the Campus Master Plan.  The recommendations are framed in both short-term and long-term perspectives.  Both are organized by campus building and are intended to elicit broader campus discussions.


Clare expressed concern about student traffic and how the RegistrarŐs office interacts with the Financial Aid office and Business office.  Based on the way the question was framed on the survey she received, the outcome was not what she had intended and did not get to the heart of the matter.  Additionally, she believes we will never have the cross training like the Twin Cities does.   Dave added that thereŐs a sense that we have adequate space on campus but the breakdown is awkward.  We also need to start working with offices if we want to pursue/develop a cluster concept. 


Pete suggested that CRPC discuss with Lowell how we would like him to carry this report forward and then the committee should make a recommendation about continuing the task force.  Pete said he appreciates all the work the task force has done and added that when the master plan comes back for discussion, we should include this report.