Campus Resources and Planning Committee

December 11, 2008



Members Present:       Pete Wykcoff, Brook Miller, Shannon Juhnke, Dave Swenson,

Kathy Julik-Heine, Heather Peters, Dave Swenson, LeAnn Dean,

Zak Forde, Ray Schultz, Michelle Page, Maddy Maxeiner,

Escillia Allen, Bryan Herrmann, Sara Haugen, Karen Cusey


Guests:                        Sandy Olson-Loy




During the spring semester, CRPC will plan to meet on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. beginning January 21, 2009.


Minutes of December 4 were approved as amended.


The purpose of the meeting today is to discuss how to work through the information received at the Recruitment Forum and other questions CRPC would like answered.


Dave suggested we talk more specifically about the mix of students and talk about full time degree seeking students.   Is the 2100 students by 2010 full time degree seeking students?  He believes this would have more meaning than if we are simply talking headcount.    Sandy noted that headcount numbers matter in terms of what gets reported and believes the 2100 number is based on 250 students studying abroad.   Michelle thinks assessment should be thought of in the same context as value added and that there may need to be a culture shift in terms of the relationship between the two.  Heather wondered if data collection and analysis could be part of a service learning opportunity for students. 


Pete suggested going through the five strategies to get feedback from committee members.


  1. Reorganize the admissions office – CRPC approved a plan to address the reorganization of the offices and strongly encourages the implementation.


  1. Documenting value added – CRPC feels strongly that this needs to be addressed.


  1. Tapping student expertise – Members suggested getting a student perspective on what’s current to update the website.  Perhaps we should contact someone who has been here and knows why they’re here thinking in terms of a prospective student.  Perhaps a faculty/staff/admissions tour guide boot camp with talking points everyone can use.


  1. Tapping our alums – CPRC believes we should make greater use of alumni as recruiters.



Pete encouraged members to weigh in on Moodle.