Campus Resources and Planning Committee

February 25, 2009



Present:           LeAnn Dean, Shannon Juhnke, Karen Cusey, Pete Wyckoff, Sara Haugen,

Heather Peters, Sarah Mattson, Bryan Herrmann, Maddy Maxeiner, Dave Swenson,

Jacquie Johnson


Guests:                        Judy Kuechle




Minutes of 11/6/08, 11/13/08, 2/11/09 and 2/18/09 were approved as presented.



Master Plan


Pete asked if committee members how they would like to move forward.    The committee agreed that the master plan has gone through the governance structure thus fulfilling the requirement that the campus needs to have a master plan.  


The committee concurs with the following:


- the consolidation of plant services facilities

- making the highway 59 entrance the main entrance to the campus

- the incorporation of continuing our green initiatives

- good to move in the direction that includes environmental, technical and historical components

- the master plan is connected to the strategic plan

- good to bring up the idea that we need to think about storm water flow-off of our parking lots

- like the idea of connecting more explicitly with the high school

- like the general idea of planting more trees for the wind breaks

- the process was inclusive and people had an opportunity to express their opinion

- redirecting traffic through campus making navigation through campus more manageable


The committee has concerns about the following:


- we are already ahead of what is implied regarding green initiatives

- closing of 7th street entrance to campus

- ongoing concerns about the proposal to expand HFA Phase III without adequate parking

- lack of recommendation to decrease parking in general

- would like to avoid impacting private property on 2nd street

- recognize the importance of the relationship with the community


The committee remains unconvinced about the following:


- moving 2nd street

- the wisdom of roundabouts, particularly on 4th street


Additional comments:


- the level of filler in the plan





The value of upgrading the Community Services project from LEED Gold to Platinum


Pete asked if the committee thinks it is important for us to do this and at what cost.   Jacquie noted that we are close, by about 50 points.  We would need to declare 11,000 square feet of perpetual green space.  Additionally, if we are able to get to LEED platinum, she believes we would be the first building on the national historic district.    The committee unanimously agreed upgrading from gold to platinum and will defer to Lowell Rasmussen for a recommendation of the green space.