Campus Resources and Planning Committee

April 22, 2009



Present:       Kathy Julik-Heine, Karen Cusey, LeAnn Dean, Jacquie Johnson, Shannon Juhnke,

Dave Swenson, Pete Wyckoff, Heather Peters, Jennifer Rothchild, Bryan Herrmann, Maddy maxeiner, Sarah Mattson, Ray Schultz, Zak Forde


Guests:             Judy Kuechle, Dave Aronson, Dave Savela, Mark VanOerbeke




Minutes of April 15, 2009 approved as presented.


Presentation about PaperCut software


Dave Savela reported that Computing Services proposes to implement a new printing system in the labs for Fall 2009. Once they are satisfied that it is serving those labs effectively, they could begin expanding the service to the campus at large. As a part of this change of printing systems, students would no longer use cash cards. Instead they would be allocated a specific amount of dollars worth of printing per each semester or academic year. The system would track their personal usage as they utilized the service. They could view their own account status at any time on the web. If they exceed their allocation, they could deposit additional dollars at the business office and their account would be incremented. The recurring moneys to fund this free printing would be sought through the Tech Fee. This first year of startup and implementation would need to tap other sources to fund the free printing. Free printing would reduce the burden on the business office and computing services of running some type of accounts receivable/accounts payable system for charging the students and integrating it with the University enterprise system.


Shannon is concerned that this will create more work for the business office and thought this could possibly be funded by tech fee but couldnŐt say for sure. Kathy said that from a student perspective, she doesnŐt think itŐs necessary and would hate the put the burden on the campus. Jacquie inquired how our billing system worked and wondered if we could populate the dollar amount for printing ahead of time.


CRPC endorses the trial of PaperCut software but does not endorse shifting the cost of student printing onto the university budget or tech fee for fall of 2009.


Update on facilities


Dave Aronson reported that the Community Services renovation completion date is December 2009. Currently we refer to the building as the Gateway Center or Gateway Building and if we intend to change the name, we should start that process now. Jacquie said it would be nice if we could draw on the legacy of the engineering building and connect with the history and legacy of our campus. Something that would evoke the idea of invitation and openness to the external world. Pete asked committee members to think about possible suggestions.


Dave also reported that two years ago, water flow from the water tower dumped 80,000 gallons of water onto the retaining wall at the football field and it is recommended that get the wall rebuilt. We plan to get the contractor to start rebuilding the wall this summer and are working with the General CounselŐs office on how to resolve this. The price tag for the retaining wall will be between $100K to $250K. Additionally, we experienced some trouble with the scoreboard and that must be fixed by next fall.


Update on Admissions


Jacquie reported that we will not be looking to fill the James Morales position at this time due to the expense associated with a search. At previous institutions, she has been a part of and chaired searches for this type of position and they are hard to fill. She has made the decision to move Bryan Herrmann into the director role and she has faith in the leadership he brings and added that this will work if the campus supports him.