Campus Resources and Planning Committee

February 8, 2010




Present:           Mark Privratsky, LeAnn Dean, Brook Miller, Bart Finzel, Kathy Julik-Heine,

                        Sydney Sweep, Sarah Mattson, Bryan Herrmann, Dave Swenson, Pete Wyckoff,

                        Pam Gades, Zak Forde, Carol Marxen


Guests:                        Gwen Rudney, Pareena Lawrence, Michael Korth, Janet Ericksen




CRPC did not meet last week due to the Blue Ribbon Task Force meeting.  Pete said the task over the next few weeks will be to make recommendations that will go into the budget forecasting model.   Next week we will talk about budget lines with Bryan.  The committee will also meet with Lowell in the next few weeks.


Food Service Building


Dave Swenson said the Dining Services Subcommittee has been discussing renaming the Food Services Building for several years.  Now that we are post-renovation, the subcommittee would like to see a name change for the program and the facilities.  The subcommittee prefers not to do a large campaign and will look to CRPC for their recommendation and endorsement.  The subcommittee is looking for something more appealing and offered the following suggestions:   Dining Services or Dining Commons.     Dave would love to have a recommendation today if the committee is ready to make one.  Pete asked committee members if they want to solicit thought and input or make a decision today.  He suggested that the student members take it to MCSA before the entire committee makes a recommendation.  Sydney made a motion to table until CRPC has received input from MCSA.  So moved.


Dave also reported that we anticipate opening a convenience store in the lower level of the Food Service building in early March.  The store will be open from 10:00 p.m.-3:00 a.m. and will provide simple snacks, etc. for the campus community.