Campus Resources and Planning Committee

April 5, 2010





Present:           Lowell Rasmussen, Mark Privratsky, Sarah Mattson, LeAnn Dean, Sara Haugen,

                        Dave Swenson, Bryan Herrmann, Sydney Sweep, Kathy Julik-Heine,

                        Brooke Miller, Pete Wyckoff, Carol Marxen, Bart Finzel, Zak Forde


Guests:                        Michael Korth, Cheryl Contant



Minutes of 3/22/10 were approved.


Future agenda items include:  an update on budgets on April 12; update from Maddy on April 19; facilities update on April 26; enrollment update on May 3.


Consideration of a new name for Food Services


Dave Swenson reported that MCSA unanimously passed a resolution to change the name from Food Services Building to Dining Hall.  The dining services staff has been consulted and they too approved the change.   Noting that the people who use the building and the people who work in the building approve the change, Pete entertained a motion.  Dave moved to pass the resolution to change the name from Food Services Building to Dining Hall.  Second by Sydney Sweep.  Motion passes with unanimous endorsement.


Information on HEAPR, summer projects, Blakely project


Lowell distributed a list of HEAPR projects for the campus that will need to be completed this summer or at the very latest next summer.   The good news is that the University system has been funded $56M for HEAPR projects.  UMMÕs share of the total amount will be $1.8M.  The major project this summer will be the sprinkling of Blakely so it can be used a residence hall next fall.  Because we canÕt use Blakely for multiple purposes, the current occupants will need to be relocated even if we donÕt anticipate using the entire building as a residence hall.  We will start by occupying one floor at a time.  Pete noted that CPRC has had many discussions about repair and maintenance budgets and wondered if these dollars would be put back into the budget.  Lowell said the HEAPR dollars have already been factored in.  Sara asked if the City of Morris plans to work on 2nd street this summer.  Lowell believes the work will take place.  He added that the Real Estate office on the Twin Cities handles the financial part of this because it is considered assessment work.