Campus Resources and Planning Committee

April 19, 2010





Present:           Lowell Rasmussen, Maddy Maxeiner, Mark Privratsky, Brook Miller,

Syndey Sweep, Jacquie Johnson, Bryan Herrmann, LeAnn Dean, Carol Marxen,

Sara Haugen, Kathy Julik-Heine, Bart Finzel, Sarah Mattson, Dave Swenson,

Pete Wyckoff, Pam Gades, Zak Forde


Guests:            Sandy Olson-Loy, Pareena Lawrence, Janet Ericksen, Cheryl Contant,

Gwen Rudney



Based on feedback from the previous CRPC meeting, Brook Miller proposed the following motion:  “CRPC requests consultation on matters relevant to its charge to occur more than one full week before decisions on these matters are due.”  The idea behind the motion is that would give committee members time for discussion and full consideration before any vote.   Motion passes unanimously.


Update on philanthropy (outline of presentation made by Maddy)-


2009 highlights include:  

• Increased total giving by 25% vs UM by 8%

• Disbursed $675K from gifts

• UMM 4th highest COPLAC alumni participation

• First $1M gift

• On-line honor roll, redesigned Report on Giving


2010 highlights include:

• 273 donor-funded scholarship recipients

• Disbursed 10% more gifts on campus $745K

• Philanthropic case for support = vision

• Alumni annual giving results + over UM


Annual Giving Program:

• Part of total giving

• Recurring gifts <$25,000 from alumni, faculty, staff, retirees, friends, corps, foundations

• Disciplined “mechanistic” program plots lybunts, non, new, renewal rates, acquisitions, upgrades, using formulae

• Alumni annual giving supports UMM Alumni Association

• 2009 results:  $658K


2010 results ytd:

• $560K vs 658K last year

• Alumni annual giving per UMF + 7% vs UM 1%

• Alumni annual giving per UMF + 24% dollars vs UM + 14%


Total giving program officially reported through UMF, includes:

• Annual and major gifts from alumni, faculty, staff, retirees, friends, corps, foundations

• Deferred and pledged commitments

• Driven by major gifts (>$25k), includes annual giving


• 2009 results: $1.8M

• 2010 results:  ytd


How data drive programs:

• Alumni who give to alma mater in first 5 years give 8X more

• UMM alumni satisfied (81-96%)

• Feel less engaged than satisfied (38-62%)

• 6/8 major gifts in 2009 through “on the road” programs – total $1,290,000

• Web and telemarketing gifts increase >100% vs mail


New programs drive results:

• Branding, marketing, designer pieces

• Web site upgrades

• Young alumni

• Senior legacy, class programs

• Social network sites

• Alumni on-line career program

• Alumni service projects

• Geographic alumni events


2010 year of celebrations include:

• UMM 50th anniversary

• WCSA 100th anniversary

• University-wide fundraising perspective

• Dedication of new Welcome Center

• Higher Learning Commission visit

• Carbon neutral: biomass and wind

• Three over-arching objectives:

-Attract/support students; ideals into actions

-Distinctive learning community

-Model community for the future


Next steps include:

• Continue to test vision philanthropic piece

• Assess goals, publicity based on lead gift potential

• Maintain focus on mission, vision, philanthropy

• Stewardship and donor relations

• Alumni engagement, participation, annual giving

• Planned giving opportunities, esp. bequests

• Entrepreneurial and philanthropic partnerships, e.g. LLCs?


Pete asked we have the right number of gift officers and wondered how many we need.  Maddy said there is no black and white answer.  The University standards indicate that a gift officer should be able to bring in $1M after three years.  Our major gift officer has gone beyond those thresholds and our investment has paid off.  The reason for the three-year lag is the that process of bringing in big gifts is complication:  officers must identify prospects; qualify prospects; cultivate prospects; get prospect readiness to the point of commit; solicit the prospect; and then steward any resulting gifts.   Pete asked if we have saturated our potential prospect base.  Maddy said at this point they are able to manage the qualified prospects.  Her recommendation to is get through 2010 and then determine where we are.