Campus Resources and Planning Committee

February 18, 2011




Present:           Mark Privratsky, Sydney Sweep, Dave Aronson, Sara Haugen, LeAnn Dean,

                        Andy Sharpe, Josh Preston, Margaret Kuchenruether, Bart Finzel, Lowell

Rasmussen, Zak Forde


Guests:            Colleen Miller, Bryan Herrmann, Janet Ericksen, Michelle Page, Cheryl Contant



Capital requests


Bart announced that Lowell has asked this committee to provide formal feedback on the capital plan that was presented a couple of weeks ago.  The plan is that we not move forward with any major capital requests at this time. 


 Dave Aronson made a motion stating that CRPC supports the recommendation that we do not pursue any funding for major capital projects at this time.  Second by Mark Privratsky.   Motion Approved.


Enrollment Update


Bryan distributed the spring 2011 enrollment breakdown showing we were at 1622 degree-seeking students with an additional 80 non-degree for a total of 1702.   With larger entering classes in the last two years, Bryan was asked about the roughly constant number of students estimated to be returning.   He said that we typically see about 68-71% of our students continue in the fall if they are registered for spring.    Moreover, we have 404 students who are seniors that could be graduating in the spring.   Bart noted the higher number of transfer students.   Bryan said the SUFE students are included in that number and that we do not have any kind of retention data on this group to know whether they will be returning.   Bryan also distributed the fall 2011 enrollment potentials outlining two possible estimates.   The committee discussed the degree seeking student estimates of 1658 vs 1690. Bryan indicated that he was “very comfortable” with 1690.