Campus Resources and Planning Committee

March 4, 2011




Present:           Bart Finzel, Maddy Maxeiner, Martin Seggelke, Andy Sharpe, Lowell

Rasmussen, Margaret Kuchenruether, Sara Haugen, Mark Privratsky, Dave

Aronson, Jacquie Johnson, Dave Swenson, LeAnn Dean, Josh Preston, Zak Forde


Guests:            Colleen Miller, Michelle Page, Jim Hall





Next week several guests will be here to discuss the resources we are utilizing to host our international student population.   They have been asked to include the resources we are employing or intend to employ for recruiting, orienting, advising, and providing specialized academic assistance and/or coursework and what additional resources, if any, we will need in the future to maintain or grow our work in this area.  If committee members have specific questions regarding international student initiatives, they are asked to send them to Bart to allow our guests to prepare for the meeting.


Budget Update


Jacquie reported that she has tried to align our budget planning with recommendations made by CRPC.


The budget plan makes the following assumptions: 

there will be 8.8% cut on O&M expenditures ($1.73 million)

there will be a 5% increase in tuition

there will be a 0% increase in salaries (pending collective bargaining negotiations)

• Cost pools will increases 5%

• Utility costs will increase  2%

The number of degree seeking students will be 1690  ($500,000 will be held in the reserve account in the event we do not reach that number)


The following strategies using recurring dollars are used to achieve the $1.73 budget reduction:

• Salary plus fringe savings (RIO; voluntary lay-offs; etc.) = $700,000

• Use of non-O&M funds from services (ORL, parking, food service) = $175,000

• Reductions in budgeted repairs and maintenance = $200,000

• Elimination of the tuition reserve in the O&M budget = $100,000

• A reduction in discretionary travel spending = $25,000


Additional strategies to achieve the reduction using one-time dollars:

• A voluntary furlough = $50,000

• Use of the contingency reserve fund = $200,000

The capture of carry forwards = $175,000


Additional revenue sources:

• Salary transfers from other RRC’s = $150,000


Any stimulus funded position that was not in the base budget before stimulus dollars were available will be funded through non O&M sources.


Jacquie explained that for positions currently filled by an individual who elects the RIO, a determination will be made on a case by case basis as to whether that position will be filled.  A challenge with the RIO is that people have until May 15 to make a decision and should we not meet the targeted reductions and need to adjust the budget after that date, consultation will be difficult.  We do know that the last two times the RIO’s were offered, 12 people elected it the  first time and 8 people elected it the second time.  It is not unreasonable to think that 7-12 people could come forward this time.   She expects that RIO’s positions would be replaced at a lower salary level.    Martin asked about the timelines for voluntary layoffs and budget timeline.  Colleen said the budget meeting in Minneapolis next week determines the number.  Jacquie added that we have to load the budget by mid- June.  She also said that for planning purposes, it would be helpful if we knew of those thinking about taking the RIO sooner rather than later.  In addition, she expects conversations about voluntary layoffs will be initiated fairly soon.  


Bart said he believes the budget plan being put forward is reasonably close to the committee’s recommendations, with the only exceptions being a few strategies that the committee didn’t know were possibilities.  Jacquie added that she hopes the deliberations and discussions the CRPC has had are reflected in the budget plan and that this has been a good exercise in shared governance.