Campus Resources and Planning Committee

March 25, 2011




Present:           Margaret Kuchenruether, Dave Aronson, Sydney Sweep, Martin Seggelke,

                        Josh Preston, Mark Privratsky, LeAnn Dean, Jacquie Johnson, Dave Swenson,

                        Sara Haugen, Bart Finzel, Maddy Maxeiner, Zak Forde, Sandy Olson-Loy



Guests:            Gwen Rudney, Michael Korth, Janet Ericksen, Colleen Miller





Bart said that Jacquie is here today to discuss the compact meeting/budget process, the next steps, and the role of this committee going forward.   Next week we will resume the discussion of resources used to support our international students. 


Jacquie said her impression was that the compact meeting went very well.  Her presentation was organized into five parts:   Part one included the context for the meeting; part two outlined how we plan to address the $1.73 million budget reduction; part three addressed our legal and contractual obligations; part four included our funding requests; and part five was our capital requests.


There wasnÕt a clear outcome at the conclusion of the meeting.  The next step is for several of the TC budget office staff to meet to examine the requests that have come in from all the academic units.  They will determine the highest priorities and decide how the money will be distributed. 


Mark asked if we received any feedback on the information presented, specifically the requested salary augmentation and the Green Prairie Living Residence Hall.   Jacquie said there wasnÕt any feedback at the meeting regarding salaries.  There was a really good discussion about the Green Prairie Residence Hall.  If we continue to stay on track in terms of enrollment, it seems likely weÕll have a strong case to begin construction a year from now.  Zak asked if HEAPR funding is discussed at the compact meeting.   Jacquie said that is not part of the discussion and depends entirely on the legislature.  In ordinary years, we would receive about $1M in HEAPR allocations.


Regarding meeting the targets in our 2011-12 budget plan, Jacquie indicated that a number of people have come forward with the Retirement Incentive Option (RIO) and others have inquired about it. Until the May 15 deadline, we wonÕt have an exact number.  We will need to carefully track our reserve account because we will use the reserve to pay for the health savings account contributions under the RIO and to cover the fraction of salary dollars worked by RIO enrollees in FY 11.  Bart wondered when units will get more aggressive with strategic buy-outs/voluntary layoffs.   Jacquie said the timeframe is within the next six weeks.  She noted that the RIO is at the employeeÕs discretion and the voluntary layoff is a mutual agreement.  A non-renewal or layoff is at the institutions discretion.  Nothing has been issued yet but those conversations have begun.


Colleen said we have received our instructions to start budgeting and she is putting together information to share with departments.  We will work under the assumption that we will meet the reductions.  We must load a budget regardless of whether or not the legislature finishes their work.