Campus Resources and Planning Committee

May 6, 2011




Present:           Carol Cook, Mark Privratsky, LeAnn Dean, Sara Haugen, Bart Finzel,

Margaret Kuchenreuther, Dave Swenson, Sydney Sweep, Zak Forde,

Martin Seggelke



Guests:            Janet Ericksen, Sandy Olson-Loy, Jim Hall, Michael Korth





Bart thanked the committee for a good, productive year and noted that with the new constitution in place next year; this is the last meeting ever of the CRPC.  Next fall, some committee members will be joining Bart on the Finance Committee and some will be joining Margaret on the Planning Committee.   He added that Chancellor Johnson is unable to join us today to discuss the re-organization. He had also hoped we could act on a motion regarding the recovered facilities and administrative costs distribution policy today, but Roger Wareham would like more time to work on it before we act.   ItŐs likely the issue will come next year to both the Planning and Finance Committees.


The minutes of March 4, 2011 were approved as presented.


Backfill proposal


Sara Haugen made a motion that CRPC endorse the backfill proposal as developed by the commission on Women and Academic Dean and forward it to the UMM Chancellor with the recommendation that the $30,000 requested be funded from the $500,000 new initiatives fund established in 2010-11.  Second by Zak Forde.   Motion unanimously approved.


Bart added that as we move towards a leaner staff, this kind of flexibility is vital.  Margaret said it would also help alleviate the guilt people feel about imposing on their colleagues if they need to take a leave.  MartinŐs only concern is that $30,000 will not enough.