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Academic Issues

There are currently three areas in Academic Affairs which relate to the Campus of Difference Initiative.

Web Links Related to Academic Issues:

    Diversity Web Several excellent resources from the University of Maryland, including:

      Faculty Involvement
      Includes several link related to strategies for raising awareness, campus-based and external faculty development, pedagogical issues (including an article on teaching diversity in rural Minnesota), learning communities, and technology based learning.

      Research, Evaluation and Impact
      Organized to highlight research and resources about diversity research, evaluation and assessment. Abstracts cover topics such as using scholarship to improve practice,setting agendas, providing guides, student views, the problem of assessment, affirmative action, and visible leadership.

      Diversity Database
      Contains campus, national and international resources and information. This material is organized within the following categories: race, ethnic background, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, physical abilities, national origin, and age. A feedback mechanism facilitates continuous improvement of the website.

    AACU Diversity Digest
    A quarterly newsletter published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and part of Diversity Works, a new initiative supported by grant from the Ford Foundation to AAC&U and the University of Maryland at College Park. Articles on faculty involvement, research, curriculum transformation, and the student experience.

    Research Resources: Multicultual Education Pathfinder
    Includes print resources, electronic databases, nonprint resources (films), professional organizations and associations and internet resources.

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