Campus of Difference

A Campus of Difference. . .Finding Common Ground

"If you really truly in your heart want change,
you have to make everybody your ally."

- Richard Green

The Campus of Difference Planning Committee 1999-2000
The Campus of Difference Work/Task Groups

Thanks to the Previous Campus of Difference
Planning Committee of 1999-2000

Sandy Olson-Loy
Sara Haugen
Carol McCannon
Ricky Hall
Mike Miller
Aida Martinez
Amy McGovern
Jason Neuhaus
Sarah Mattson
Sarah Sorenson
Judy Riley
Bea Nelson
Shannon Hodges
Jane Kill
Gary Donovan
Peh Ng
Peter Whelan
Jeff Schaffer
Scott Hagg
Bryan Williamson
Ron Morris
Kate Vansickle
Craig Kissock
Paula O'Loughlin
Ferolyn Angell
Dave Aronson
Sunny Chung
Jinaa Lane

The Campus of Difference Work/Task Groups

(meets as needed)

Diversity Peer Educators
Diversity Jam Planning
Campus of Difference Training Coordinating
(with ADL facilitators)

Physical Environment (Food, Art, Products)
Morris Community

For more information about how to join the committee or a sub-committee
Sandy at the Office of Student Activities (589-6080).

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