Campus of Difference

"We think about change as a major program. In reality, much of the
change comes in small constructive acts that build on each other.
Many of us are looking outside of ourselves for what you can do.
Think more about what "I" can do. If everybody took responsibility
for change,I think we'd get more of it. I'm tired of accusing. I'm
tired of excuses. I'm ready for some action. Figure out some way
to make a contribution."

-Harriet Copher Haynes, U of M Senior Psychologist

Participate in an Upcoming Workshop or Event
Become a Diversity Peer Educator (DPE)
Join a Multicultural Campus Orginization
Participate in an Upcoming Multicultural Student Leadership Retreat
Other Things You Can Do

Diversity Peer Educators (DPE)

Challenge Yourself Learn From Someone Else Find Common Ground

The Diversity Peer Educators' purpose is to facilitate dialogue among students and other members of the campus community in regards to diversity issues, to provide information about diversity at UMM as well as worldwide, and to serve as campus resources. DPEs facilitate programs in the residence halls, participate in classroom discussion, and facilitate discussions following campus events and activities. Individuals interested in volunteering should plan to attend training sessions in the fall.

The Diversity Peer Educators organization is an outgrowth of the larger Campus of Difference Initiative.

For more information, contact the DPE Student Coordinator.

Multicultural Organizations at the
University of Minnesota, Morris

Amnesty International

Asian Student Association

Black Student Union

Circle of Nations Indian Association

Commission on Women

E-Quality (GLBT & Allies)


International Student Association

Minority Student Program

Non-Traditional Student Association

Queer Issues Committee

United Latinos

Women of Color Association

Women's Resource Center

Put into ACTION your commitment to building common ground at UMM. Pick from the ideas below or create your own for your personal pledge:

  • Take Malinda Miller's common ground pledge.
    "I, _________ , will make a successful effort to get to know the persons listed below. I agree NEVER to judge them (nor others) but to see them and hear them as individuals. We will agree to respect each other -- our differences and our similarities -- while learning about each other."(List the names of 4 people.)

  • Speak up when you hear bigoted comments or racist jokes.

  • Become a Diversity Peer Educator (see DPE page for more details).

  • Sit by someone you don't know in class and get to know them...walk out with them and see what they thought of class.

  • Attend an event sponsored by one of UMM's minority student organizations.

  • Get to know a Cougar athlete...a theatre art major...a chemistry major...Break stereotypes.

  • Apply to attend the Multicultural Student Leadership Retreat- email for more information

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