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Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes (01-12-06)

Meeting: 01/12/06 at 11:00 (Prairie Lounge)

Present: Stacey Parker Aronson, Keith Brugger, Bart Finzel, and Pam Solvie

Absent: Argie Manolis, Tom Mahoney, Patrick Van Zandt


On the issue of whether FAC meetings should be public or private, the committee decided that the meetings should be public, in order to differentiate the FAC from the Consultative Committee and its responsibilities. Any sensitive issues we faced could indeed be passed along to the Consultative Committee. The committee decided to speak to general issues and not about individuals.


On the issue of constituencies, it was decided for the present to let each constituency decide for itself how it wishes to define its membership, although more clarity was suggested. It was also suggested that current dissatisfaction with certain constituencies might mask larger problems such as the fact that some positions are not tenure track. We will wait for Argie to fill in some of the details regarding this dissatisfaction.

The chair will request from the divisions and from the Executive Committee lists of the constituencies memberships and as to how these memberships were determined and as to who will be revolving off and what years. The committee believes that at least two of its current FAC members were elected for one-year positions (Aronson and Brugger) and could potentially be cycling off of the committee at the end of this spring semester.

We will request that the Executive Committee set up elections to take place this spring.

Our Joint Meeting with FDC and CC

In preparation for our joint meeting with the Faculty Development Committee and the Consultative Committee, it was decided that FAC committee members should review past FDC agenda items to be found at

It was suggested that certain potential agenda items (openness in budget policy or travel policy, for example) be looked at by both FAC and FDC. It was also decided that we would share our own agenda items with those committees. It is essential that the FAC be able to define its own objectives and set its own agenda, although we hope to be able to share resources with the FDC

Questions for FDC and CC

We have a few initial questions for the FDC and the CC to consider.

What is our relationship to the FDC? What is the FDC's relationship to the Faculty Center? To the Online Faculty Club? Why is its membership exclusive (no P&A, no non-tenure track representation as in the FAC)?

Why is there no P&A, no non-tenure track representation on the Consultative Committee and on the Executive Committee when such inclusiveness was mandated for the FAC?

Next meeting

The next official FAC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 25 at 9:00 in the Prairie Lounge. The agenda will include the following items:

  • Prioritizing agenda items for FAC (listed below)

•  Clarification of non-tenure track teaching appointments

•  Back fill for faculty and P&A leaves

•  Efficacy of the assembly

•  Clarification of the process for eliminating a discipline

•  Administrative awareness of faculty (& staff) productivity

•  Travel policy

•  Retention of faculty, particularly faculty of color

•  Lack of openness in budget process

•  Anticipate issues for the constitution Task Force (For example, why is there no P&A, and no non-tenure track representation on the Faculty Development Committee, the Consultative Committee and the Executive Committee when such inclusiveness was mandated for the FAC?)

•  Periodic review of P&A directors

•  Dissatisfaction with Single Semester Leaves selection committee makeup

•  Administration of Faculty Research Enhancement Fund

•  Research Infrastructure and Collaborative Research Task Force

  • Questions regarding clerical support for FAC (minutes, web page, etc.)
  • Responses to Fritz's request

Aronson asked members to forward any other agenda items.