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Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes (03-01-06)

Meeting: Wednesday, March 1, 2006 in the Prairie Lounge

Present: Stacey Parker Aronson, Bart Finzel, Tom Mahoney, Janet Schrunk Ericksen, Keith Brugger.

Absent: Pam Solvie, Argie Manolis

Wednesday, March 1 at 9:00 at the Prairie Lounge.

The meeting was called to order by Stacey Parker Aronson .

Stacey stated that a student representative is still being sought for the committee.

It was brought up by Stacey that she and Bart are working on the exit interview revamping, March 15 they will share a draft of it before it goes to Campus Assembly on March 30.

The web site progress was discussed they are waiting on the banner, it has been determined that it will be slate in color; Engin and Mike Cihak are working on it.

Engin will be attending our March 15 meeting to discuss the website and survey.

Pam Solvie shared things for the agenda.

Stacey agreed that quick, high visibility, credibility, items that quickly impact both Faculty and P&A.   She asked for suggestions.   A general comment was that it is difficult to prioritize items that are linked to each other for example, those linked to research, all things strategically planned.   How to prioritize Faculty Research enhancement fund and Research infrastructure and Collaborative Research Task Force.

The question what can further be done with Research Infrastructure Group things discussed within this group were: Nano technology. Neuro surgery and how to increase the use of the web for research.   They are always open to suggestions at the Institute for Higher Learning.   Another question asked was where is the money coming from for the research?   Ray Schultz was awarded the first IAS.

Is it this committee's responsibility to address something oriented to this campus in regards to research and the need for funding?

UMM's unique needs were discussed; they should bring long term goals to new Chancellor and Dean.

There should be some policies in place:

An inventory of current Infrastructure on Research budgets

  Not just issues of funding but workload, research is expected of Professors

The limited resources of a small campus can make a considerable easy job much more difficult; one instance brought up was getting color posters made before the color copier and printer at Duplicating.

It was suggested that a discussion should be held with the appropriate documentation.

What would this include, a committee member asked:

•  Major impediments to doing research on this campus

•  Others on campus can see common concerns

3.    A member asked about the number of applications to these opportunities:

Grant in Aid

Summer Fellowships




A member asked, when did the shift in ways of sabbaticals are granted come about- the 75% supplement is divided among the faculty now. It all comes back to the issues of funding-what's available, local support-these issues were brought to Faculty center along with the Travel Policy.

A question for a short on-campus survey would be:

What hinders you from effective research on this campus? A member asked are P&A's included? P&A do not get travel allotment; they must have it in their budget. What are the trends? It was suggested that we should start at the Dean's office, maybe with Nancy Helsper.   The committee would like to find out how research dollars translate to research, how much research is going on, during the teaching months and over the summer, as faculty do work over the summer. A member thought it would be hard to answer the question, "how much research is done?"   The question was asked how much funding there is for set up, sabbatical replacement, and travel. A member thought the Dean's office could be asked what support has been given over the last five years, support dollars might be misdirected, research might be under estimated, could it be asked how much work time is spent on research and have a variable answer, maybe multiple choice.   If there is no funding, we can't document the support.   It is believed that only 1/3 of faculty make an annual trip or applies for funding.   How much of your research do you accomplish during the summer or off the clock.   There should be resourced to be accessed over the summer, summer supplement?   McKnight works but not in the Sciences.   This seems to be a unique need in Morris not at the TC campus.   Could these questions be asked, and should someone ask Nancy or direct to the Dean?   Janet said she would ask to have research for UMM faculty and trends for funding.

The survey could possibly have the following two questions:

  1. What percent of your research is done during the summer?
  2. What are the major impediments to doing research?

A member brought up the question of a dollar amount (out of pocket) of expenses do you spend on research?

a. less than 1000 dollars

b. 1000 to 5000 dollars

c. over 5000 dollars

It would be helpful for the new dean to be aware of all the research done on this campus.

Keith will draft the 2 question survey.   It was discussed as to how to distribute the survey.   Web survey, or paper.   A member asked if there is a budget for this committee. Stacey will find out.

A member mentioned that it would be nice to have a copy of what faculty issues are being included on the Strategic Planning.

The meeting was adjourned by Stacey Parker Aronson

Submitted by Judy Van Eps