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Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes (03-13-08)

FAC meeting With Mike Korth

In general Mike has not had a large problem with the chart. He specified, in a recent sabbatical replacement job description, that research, service and teaching will be part of the duties and used category 3. He noted that both Jacquie and Sarah Mattson refer to the policy for not using options 3 & 4, but no one has been able to find such a policy.

Faculty positions should be based on the duties, not on the cost of the benefits.

Title of position directly impacts recruitment.

It would seem that similar duties should have similar salary

UMM has no workload policy, therefore it is difficult to adjust the salary to the duties.

E.g, if non -tenure track is teaching only and same salary, should more it be required to teach more classes?

Should workload issues be decided at the Division level?

Salary scales for PhD s are close for tenure & non-tenure track faculty, Master degree salaries may have more variance.

Workload statements were developed in the 70's, but are probably not specific enough to cover current issues.

All-university rules seem to be developed to address TC issues.

UMM does have some freedom in how we use classifications

There are other classifications used on other campuses

The chart is not necessarily the problem, rather the implementation of the chart. The Dean should be defining the job classification, not the HR office.

Parental leave policy

The lack of flexibility in the policy does not allow easy adaptation to the semester schedule (X weeks of leave). Perhaps there could be more options. Is the rule truly University wide or can UMM make a variation if we wish?

Discussion of continuing education and faculty head count, student head count, use of faculty salary pool, different rules for posting positions.

How many times can a course be offered and still be under the "entrepreneurial" umbrella.

What are the workload issues of faculty teaching on an overload for CE?

What is it you do not get done if you are on over load.?

In general, for release time for faculty, why is it always teaching time that is released?

Can UMM develop a not overly prescriptive workload policy with the necessary specificity to work ( Duluth Contract has too much specificity)

What are guidelines that could guide agreements between the faculty and division chair?

Salary decisions are based on a teaching 50%, research 30% and service 20% weighted basis.

Can UMM have a "range" of workloads?

level of salaries are always a concern