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Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes (04-26-06)


Minutes of April 26, 2006
9:00 PM Prairie Lounge
Student Center  


Stacey parker-Aronson (Chair), Janet Schrunk Ericksen, Bart Finzel, Keith Brugger, Argie Manolis and Tom Mahoney

guest: Sarah Mattson


Pam Solvie

FAC Minutes 04/26/06
Stacey called the meeting to order at 9:03 a.m.

Corrections or changes in minutes

No changes or corrections were given; minutes from Wednesday, March 29, 2006 were received as information.

Banner for Faculty Affairs committee website

Stacey has asked Mike Cihak for a more structural design banner for the website, she has been given banners with faculty on them, and has asked for a more structural design.   The consensus of the committee was that she should keep asking until she got the design needed.

Stacey gave Sarah mattson the floor to discuss exit interviews

Discussion was held on exit interviews, they should be for all faculty on all campuses; it was mentioned by a member that the Twin cities campus had just redesigned their exit interview.   Last year system wide there were 14 exit interviews were returned, UMM had 2 or 3 of that number. The question brought up was should employees be sent two exit interviews that are very similar?   The offer was made to send the Twin Cities version around.    The UMM campus is known for their Civil Service and Bargaining Unit.

Sarah thanked all for their input: Provide information and options on the front page. Those who have been terminated for cause will not get this exit interview.   There will hopefully been an ongoing discussion with this employee.   It was brought up that we should look at this document annually, and when trends indicate it should be noted in an annual report.   The difficulty with confidentiality, we are allowing them to say with whom they want their information shared on the front page and continue in the body of the document.

A member asked if an exit interview should be offered to retirees.   It would be interesting, he thought, to know what connection they will have with the University.   Another member thought that might be construed as prying.   A member said that when someone is doing phased retirement they do the exit interview at the end.   What roll the retiree plays on the UMM campus would be helpful to know.

Sarah shared information on harassment and hate crimes brochure

Brochures are meant to be helpful to staff and faculty, in dealing with these topics . She said to call her for more information at 6024.

Sarah: SHOULD ANNIVERSARY greeting every year be continued?

Since the faculty return at the same time every year it really is of little significance.   Maybe the 5 year or 10 year level, etc could be recognized.   Other employees such as staff are recognized on their hire date.   The committee was asked if they could vote to discontinue the practice.   A member said it is important to recognize people when we can.   Another member suggested that is a long time between tenure and any other milestone, so maybe we can go to just a note or small token, with anniversary gifts on the 5, 10, 15, 20, etc years. Should this be published?   Stacey thanked Sarah for all that she has been doing.

fac, twin cities campus

RX America-Carol Carrier and Sr. Med students, Dan Chapman met to discuss the ongoing problems. Some on our campus and Twin Cities people couldn't get drugs they needed.   Chapman made a printout of issues and how they have been resolved. Medica - Rx America are good at holding costs down the average price of a generic drug is 21 compared to the brand name drug at 134.00. There was an editorial on RX in the daily tribune.   We do have an appeals process set up. They are aggressive in getting results. A member asked if there was someone from our faculty on the review board with RX America.   No response.

Engin's survey, comments

Some comments were it is small print and a paper copy, it asks about different administrative units- MACCC is not an administrative unit of the University.   Is there a representative of Commission on Women on the board?   And is there money given to help run this enterprise?   Timna Wyckoff sits on board as Commission on Women.   Stacey said she will look into this to find out for sure.

survey for Faculty Affairs Committee

Keith reports that he has at this time gotten in the mid 30's range of replies.   The faculty has until the end of classes, a follow up email will be send as a reminder with the survey attached, in case some have been deleted, during the last week of classes.

Comments on Keith's survey- it is short, doable and the faculty is interested in the results.   It was noted that some people do not care about anonymity.

Stacey asked if Keith needed help with the data.   Keith said not.   He said he will present the data to this committee and results will go out to everyone, he wants everyone to be privy to the results.   He mentioned that some one had 3 pages of comments.   Keith was pleased with the results, the results will be a broad brush, he would like to refine them sometime in the future.

The Grants Office at UMM

The grants office at Umm is good; a member mentioned that the Duluth campus does not have a grant office with the expertise on how to write grants like we do.

The faculty research enhancement fund

The faculty Review Committee will be ready by May 1 or sooner, it should be one page and maybe an additional page.   Who is the faculty review committee? There is a representative from the consultative committee, the Development committee and the Faculty affairs committee.   One member from this committee would head it or have a subcommittee.   It was brought up that if a committee is appointed they should be demonstrated leaders in research.   People are making decisions on things they are not involved with.   There are people who aren't doing a lot and those people should not be reviewing proposals.   A member thought it would be wise to suggest a list of contacts- someone for a review committee (3) was suggested.

Funding runs out because conferences don't fall in the right time frame, what about seed money?

The committee was discussed once again; it is felt that the smaller the better, maybe 5-6, the Dean or Division chair should sit on it, Darla from the Dean's office, someone who knows what is available.

Research support activities: SSL-how is eligibility decided, OST, etc.   A creation of a sub committee with the grants office on as officio and the Dean be ex-officio not a large group.   It was decided someone should talk to Dean Kuechle about it.  

A member said the grants committee at the Twin Cities campus has no budget person, the grants people are there to keep track of a reasonable amount for a grant-the person handling the reimbursement would not need to be present.   A member asked if there could be a sub-committee from our committee-Judy Kuechle would be amenable to this.   The sooner people can apply for funds the better.

Summer Work-Peers who are willing to work over summer, limited to tenure track faculty, tenure track faculty need the funds, why could non tenure track not apply?   GIA funds are not available for non-tenure line professors.   Tom wanted it left more open end when funds run out, there could be more.  

Potential committee members from this committee could nominate members from their division.

May 10, 2006 is the next meeting date

Meeting was adjourned by Stacey at 10:00 a.m.

Submitted by:
Judy Van Eps