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Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes (12-14-05)

Faculty Affairs Committee -Initial Meeting 12/14/05

Present: Faculty Affairs Committee - Stacey Aronson, Keith A Brugger, Bart D Finzel, Pamela A Solvie, Tom Mahoney, Argie Manolis, Patrick Van Zandt

Executive Committee- Tracey Anderson, Jeff Ratliff-Crain

Tracey and Jeff convened the meeting. The Executive Committee did not have any additions to the committee charge. Minutes will need to be kept. FAC will need to define its own activities. The Executive Committee wants to be notified as to who is elected FAC Chair. They outlined some issues for clarification.  

The FAC should clarify if it will be a confidential committee.

The FAC will schedule a joint meeting with the Consultative and the Faculty Development committees.

Better define the constituencies. For example: Can a non-tenure track faculty be a division representative? What is the status of faculty with appointments in more than one discipline, the at-large constituency, dual faculty P&A appointments? (Spring 06 election process), etc.

What will the process be for replacing members in mid-term (note the current terms were staggered arbitrarily, the FAC can re-order)?

The constitution task force (?) will be looking at all committees. The FAC should anticipate issues given the difficulties in establishing this committee.

Bart nominated Stacey for chair and she was unanimously elected.

Committee members suggested many potential issues for consideration

  • Clarification of non-tenure track teaching appointments
  • Back fill for facuty and P&A leaves
  • Transparency of budgeting process
  • Efficacy of the assembly
  • Clarification of the process for eliminating a discipline
  • Administrative awareness of faculty (& staff) productivity
  • Travel policy
  • Retention of faculty, particularly faculty of color
  • Exit interviews
  • Lack of openness in budget process
  • Anticipate issues for the constitution Task Force

Finzel suggested that we pursue clearly definable strategies to address issues. (e,g. Design and implement exit interviews to   begin addressing retention of faculty of color.)

As a first step, Stacey will try to schedule a joint session of the FAC, FDC and Consultative committees.

It was suggested that minute taking duties be alternated across the committee

Stacey asked each member to send his/her Spring Semester schedule.

Meeting adjourned 6:00 p.m.