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Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes (11-11-08)

Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

11 November 2008, 9:00am, Sci 2555


Present: Argie Manolis, Eli Mayfield, Leslie Meek, Pam Solvie, Timna Wyckoff, James Wojtaszek

Absent: Tom Mahoney


I. calendar

Wyckoff sent an email to Dean Contant regarding concerns about the “new calendar” in which we start on a Wednesday in fall semester. Contant replied that this calendar was set in stone through 2014. Wyckoff suggested that Contant make it clear to disciplines that this is the case and recommend that disciplines make changes to their schedules accordingly. Contant asked if a discussion of future calendars was warranted. After some discussion, we agreed to ask Contant to bring the next calendar to Campus Assembly for discussion. We will also ask Contant to share with Assembly the process by which calendars are set. We will talk about this at our next meeting with Contant (18 November).


II. faculty lounge

Solvie reported that she had spoken with Engin Sunger about a faculty lounge. There is a faculty lounge in the Faculty Center in Blakely. It is not used very often. We wonder if it is under used because faculty don't know of its existence, because of lack of privacy, distance from TMC, distance from faculty offices, or other reasons. There are many resources and a copy machine there (and coffee!). Before we discuss this further, Solvie will ask Sunger to ask faculty whether there is interest in a lounge generally, and whether the current location is sufficient.


II. non-tenure track issues

Manolis brought a draft document that summarizes issues raised by several meetings of non-tenure track faculty. We discussed the document and made suggestions for changes. Manolis will send the document to us and to Contant ahead of our meeting on 18 November. This will be the main agenda item for that meeting.


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 14 November 2008